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By West Briton  |  Posted: November 07, 2013

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Mrs KJ Bedford Redruth

THE FUNERAL service has taken place at the Treswithian Downs Crematorium, Camborne, of Katrina Jane Bedford, née Tonkin, of Redruth, who lost her brave fight against illness aged 47.

Katrina was born to parents Brenda and Pat Tonkin on July 21, 1966, at the family home at Close Hill, Redruth.

From a young age she had a deep and abiding love of horses and would tend to them in all weathers before going to Pool School, and upon her return from school.

Her attachment to her horses continued throughout the years and until illness prevented her, Katrina's devotion to them never wavered.

She then passed on her knowledge to her niece, Karina, who very kindly looked after Merlin when she was unable to.

Upon completing her education, Katrina worked briefly at Cornwall Farmers and then began employment at the Treasure Park, where she was the catering manager until ill health forced her to retire.

Katrina adored her animals and absolutely doted on her nephews, Max and Harrison.

Her idea of a perfect day was Sunday lunch at Chapel Farm, surrounded by her family.

She was a strong character, incredibly loyal and would do anything for anyone. She greatly valued her independence while appreciating family support during difficult times.

Her dear brother, Pat, kindly renovated her garden leaving Katrina with a patio and beautiful space to enjoy.

Her elder sister Linda generously treated her to a holiday in Kefalonia, which she thoroughly enjoyed and where they amassed so many precious memories.

Katrina was incredibly content with her lot and could never understand why her beloved partner Mick would buy a lottery ticket, as she always said she wanted for nothing.

Invariably busy and efficient, she would blitz the house and tended to Merlin and her cats, Timmy and Digger, before going to work; then after work she would go straight to Merlin and still have dinner on the table and look forward to spending quality time with Mick in the evening.

Nine years ago Katrina found happiness when her longtime friendship with Mick blossomed into a relationship and they moved in together.

Content in each other's company, they would spend hours talking.

Mick took Katrina on day trips around the county and despite having lived in the county all her life, there were some areas she had never seen before!

Unhappily, 14 months ago Katrina began to struggle with her health, her memory and speech were affected and after having a CAT scan a tumour was discovered resulting in an operation at Forwarder Hospital in May 2012.

Very sadly the tumour was malignant and her family were informed that her condition was terminal.

Mick immediately gave up his job as head engineer for offshore ships and became her devoted full-time carer.

For as long as she was able Mick would take Katrina out on day trips with her mother, Brenda, visiting the farm and Merlin.

Happily Katrina married Mick on August 7, 2013, just managing the vows, which brought tears to everyone's eyes.

Katrina was in the comfort of her home until three weeks before she died, when specialist care was needed.

She was transferred to Helston Community Hospital, where her care was exemplary until she died peacefully on October 6, with her beloved Mick holding her hand.

Donations to date total £339.86.

Family mourners were: Mick Bedford, husband; Brenda and Pat Tonkin, mother and father; Pat Tonkin, brother, his partner, Pam, and their daughter, Karina; Julie Tonkin, sister; Linda Marshall, sister, and her husband Will; Becky, Mick's daughter, and her partner Glyn; Rozella and Helen, cousins; Sue Adams, a dear friend.

Thanks were extended to all who attended the funeral and contributed to the League of Friends.

Funeral arrangements were by Colin Grose of Retallack Bros, Redruth and Camborne.

Mrs AJ Dower


A LARGE congregation attended St Stythians Parish Church for the funeral service of Mrs Alison Jillian Dower, of Stithians, who has died at St Julia's Hospice, Hayle, at the age of 57.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Owen Blatchly and Leonard Barter and interment followed in the churchyard.

Jill was born in July 1956 in Probus to Alice and Oakley Eddy, and grew up alongside her older brother, Robert.

She enjoyed a passion for horseriding and embroidery.

The family settled in Constantine, where her parents remained for many years.

After leaving school at the age of 15, she obtained a job in Fryer's of Penryn as a machinist.

With a little money in her pocket she began to attend the local Conservative club on a Saturday night and it was there that she met Donald John Dower.

They courted for five years and were eventually married in March 1977 at Constantine church.

In 1978 they were blessed with the birth of Louise, followed by Claire in 1980 and by Jamie in 1983.

During this time Jill and John decided to open the family business, John Dower Butchers. This was a huge financial risk but Jill wished to support her husband's dream of becoming self-employed. Fortunately this risk paid off and by 1984 business was blossoming and the family bought their home in Stithians.

The family enjoyed many happy years in Stithians before the birth of Jill's fourth child Ryan in 1992, followed swiftly after by Ashley in 1995.

In 1999 Jill was honoured to celebrate her birthday alongside Louise's wedding.

The year after Jill enjoyed the pleasure of becoming a grandmother to Claire's daughter, Imogen, and Louise's son, Josh.

During the following years she experienced the delight of two further grandsons, Brooke and Harley.

Jill had a strong role in all four of her grandchildren's upbringing throughout their developmental years and developed an unbreakable, yet individual, bond with each of them.

In 2009 Jill finally fulfilled her dream of a foreign holiday, bravely conquering her fear of flying.

However, she was soon homesick and missing her soulmate, and the situation at home was just as bad with John left to fend for himself and realising what an unsung hero Jill was.

In 2011 the children planned a surprise party for Jill and John's 35th wedding anniversary. The party was full of many fond memories both past and present.

Shortly afterwards Jill was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

During her treatment Jill was blessed with her wish of a second granddaughter, Jamie's daughter Felicity-Rose.

After the birth Jill rushed over to meet her fifth grandchild and formed another special bond. She loved all her children and grandchildren with her entire being.

Jill was a remarkable woman who always held her head high and gave endlessly to those around her. When she fell ill, the family were all devastated but Jill remained strong throughout and gave a gallant fight. She had so much to live for and so much more love to give.

Jillian loved her family and was extremely proud of each one.

Donations were for Cornwall Hospice Care (St Julia's) and total £639.

Family mourners: John Dower, husband; Robert Lloyd Eddy, brother; Louise Symons, Claire Dower and partner Daniel Sylvester, Jamie Dower and wife Gemma Dower, Ryan and Ashley Dower, children; Josh, Brooke and Harley Symons, Imogen and Felicity Dower, grandchildren; Freddie Mathews and the whole of the Dower family; Paul and Pam Sims, Mark, William, Ann, Kelly Medlyn.

Funeral director: John Jenkin for Colin Matthews Funerals, Camborne.

Mrs GJ Jurgens


THE FUNERAL service has taken place at Treswithian Downs Crematorium, Camborne, for Gwyneth June Jurgens, aged 69, of Camborne.

The Reverend Jim Hunkin officiated.

June was born in Camborne into a family with six siblings: Pat, Monica, Thelma, Esmee, Billy and Denzil. All but sister Monica and brother Denzil have pre-deceased her.

June married Kurt and they were blessed with two children, Steven and Kelly.

She loved singing when she was young and shared her voice with others in later years.

June worked for many different companies including Heathcoat's, Rank Bush Murphy, Toshiba and also as a driving assistant for Travel 400.

She enjoyed her social life and was a member of many clubs around the local area including Heathcoat's Club, Moorlands Social Club and the Berkeley. The couple also loved having parties at their home.

Trips out in the car were memorable and enjoyable. She liked on going local trips to Porthtowan, Portreath and Tehidy Woods, as well as going on holiday to Germany with Kurt.

June had an amazing sense of humour that many of her friends and family will never forget.

Family mourners were: Steven and Lisa Jurgens, son and daughter-in-law; Kelly Jurgens and Nigel Williams, daughter and partner; Karin and Simon Pinder, stepdaughter and husband; Brandon, Cassie, Aaron, grandchildren; Monica, sister; Denzil, brother; Trina and Raymond Jenkin, niece and husband; Mario and Nicola Massimino, nephew and wife; Linda Rodda, niece; Diane Saundry, niece; Maria Saundry, niece; June Vandersluys, niece; Anne Gawler, niece; Maily Rodda, great niece.

Funeral arrangements were by David Hendy and Sons, Camborne.

Mr SJ Coghlan


THE FUNERAL service has taken place at Treswithian Downs Crematorium, Camborne, for Shaun James Coghlan, of Camborne, who has died at home at the age of 81.

The service was conducted by Helen Read.

Shaun was born in January 1932 at West Seaton House, Wheal Gerry, near the old boiler works.

His father, John, was signaller in the Royal Navy and had met Shaun's mother in Plymouth. His father remained in the Navy.

Shaun was a fairly bright young man and gained entry to Redruth Grammar School.

He worked on the farm as a child, learning to drive heavy farm horses, among many other skills. He was to go through his life loving shire-type horses.

On leaving school Shaun worked at Taylor's Farm until he was 20. He had avoided being called up for National Service because his work with horses had allowed exception; however, tractors were taking over from horses so off he went to join the RAF.

On joining he was told that his experience dealing with large animals would be put to good use. It was a somewhat smaller animal that was to prove important to Shaun over the next two years: he became a dog handler working with his German shepherd called Chief.

He volunteered to serve in the Middle and Far East but remained in the UK.

At one time he was stationed at Dry Tree, which later became Goonhilly Downs.

On leaving the RAF Shaun took many jobs, including working removing timber from woods near Coverack and driving lorries for, among others, Hitchens and Rowe and Co.

Shaun met his first wife, Pat, while working at Bickford-Smiths in Tuckingmill. They married in 1959.

Shaun and Pat had two children: Bridie, born in 1960, and Danny, in 1964. Sadly Danny died in 1987.

Shaun secured a job with Trinity House, with which he served as a lighthouse keeper on Bishop Rock, Eddystone, St Anthony and Longships, among others. He had many tales to tell of this time.

On leaving the lighthouses Shaun stayed with Trinity House, transferring to one of its vessels, Stella, which serviced navigation and warning lights around Britain.

A job given to him once was being dropped off on one of the larger buoys with a can of paint and told that he would be picked up later when the job was done; this in the middle of the English Channel.

In about 1976 Shaun left Trinity House but continued with a maritime career, working on tankers both coastal and foreign.

On leaving the sea Shaun began a long career as a road tanker driver, firstly out of Falmouth delivering fuel to St Mawgan for the RAF Nimrod maritime surveillance aircraft.

When the Nimrod was transferred to Scotland, Shaun's work was also transferred to Cattedown, in Plymouth.

In 1987 Shaun married Fay and they moved to Church View, Tuckingmill.

Later they would leave Camborne and move to Callington Road, Saltash, following Shaun's job.

They kept a succession of boxer dogs (not Shaun's choice) Prince, Duke and Prudence, and the cats Guinness and Brandy.

Shaun and Fay made many friends through walking the dogs twice a day; it was rather like a club meeting in all weathers.

Shaun socialised in The Ploughboy pub, just up the road from his house, and occasionally watched Saltash play football. He had apparently himself played in goal as a youth.

Shaun retired from driving in 1997 and remained in Saltash. Fay died in 2005 but Shaun did not immediately move back to Camborne and remained fairly stubborn at the suggestion he should move.

However, in 2005 he returned to Camborne and began his new life in his flat, where he remained until he died.

Shaun was a truly kind, generous and funny man who showed care and love to Fay in the years they were together.

Shaun was a very, very fine man who will be sadly missed by family and friends alike.

Donations were for the RNLI and total £421.30.

Family mourners: Bridie Mankee, daughter; Walter Mankee, son-in-law; Gemma Mankee and Jason Johns, granddaughter and partner; Kim and Paul Jones, granddaughter and husband; Alesha, Kane and Jay, great grandchildren; Patrick Coghlan, brother; Paul Coghlan, nephew; Jason Coghlan, nephew; Tim Coghlan, nephew; Sheila Rowe, Graham and Amanda Carr.

Funeral director: Vincent Young of Colin Matthews Funerals, Camborne.

Mr F Roberts


THE WELL-attended funeral service has taken place at Wesley Chapel for Frank Roberts, of Redruth, who has died aged 80.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Carole Holmes and Jim Hunkin; interment followed at Trewirgie Cemetery.

Frank was born at Carn Brea Village, one of eight children to Violet and Joseph Roberts.

On leaving Trewirgie School he took up employment with Kerrier Council as a building worker.

He then entered National Service with the RAF, serving in Reading and at RAF Merryfield, in Somerset, where at a local fête dance he met his wife-to-be, Margaret.

Frank and Margaret married at Horton, Somerset, in 1954, with a coach full of guests making the journey up from Redruth.

They were to have a long and happy marriage and seven children: Sandra, Linda, Sharon, Adrian, Janet, Erica and Lisa.

Later the family extended to 17 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren; he took great pride in all his family.

Frank and Margaret set up home at St Day Road and he recommenced work with Kerrier District Council, carrying out various tasks, including maintenance at St Day Road and Trewirgie cemeteries.

He then worked as a van salesman for Mother's Pride Bakeries and built up a very large round in the Penzance area, working six days a week.

In the late 1960s he helped open and became the manager of the Alliance cash and carry.

In 1971, the family moved to Trefusis Road and Frank worked hard to set up a wonderful family home and took great pride in building his own garage. In the 1990s, Frank started his own furniture delivery business.

When all the children had left home, he and Margaret moved to their bungalow in East Park.

The family, home and work took up most of his spare time, but the family had many memorable trips to visit the relatives in Somerset. Frank also enjoyed teaching many of the children to drive.

In the late 1960s he helped Redruth Albany RFC open its own club house and later served as club president for a while.

In 2003, Frank's health deteriorated and he was looked after with great care and devotion by Margaret with help from his children, their partners and families.

He will be greatly missed by all.

Donations of £300 were made for McArdle's disease.

Family mourners were: Margaret, wife; Adrian and Margaret, son and partner; Janet and Andy, Sharon and Andy, daughters and partners; Sandra and Anthony, Linda and David, Erica and Craig, Lisa and Mathew, daughters and sons-in-law; Nicola and Neil, Donna and David, Sarah and John, vLinzi and Chris, granddaughters and husbands; Mathew and Vicki, grandson and wife; Joseph and Zoe, Robert and Danielle, grandsons and partners; Wesley, Samuel, Adam, James, Alex and Kyle, grandsons; Leanne, Amy, Emma and Tamsyn, granddaughters; Mr and Mrs C Roberts, brother and sister-in-law; Mr and Mrs J Lanyon, sister and brother-in-law; Mrs Stella Williams, sister; Mrs Marion Roberts, Mrs B Connett, Mrs W Canniford, sisters-in-law; Sue Brazier, Mr and Mrs J Latter, Annette Finch, Mrs Marilyn Connelly, Mr and Mrs Rob Connet, Julie Machattie, Mr and Mrs Michael Roberts, Mr and Mrs Gary Roberts, Steve Roberts, Christopher Roberts, Rachel Henderson, Claire Chard, Clive Roberts, Janet Geach, Scott Yeo, Geoffrey Keen, nieces and nephews; Mr and Mrs D Lenton, cousins; Mr Gary Spargo and representatives from Carn Brea Village Chapel.

Funeral directors: Bernard Williams and Son, Redruth.

Mrs MJ Eddy


THE FUNERAL service has taken place at Treswithian Downs Crematorium, Camborne, for Mrs Mabel Joan Eddy, of Camborne, and formerly of Wendron, who has died at Fairholme Nursing Home, Camborne, at the age of 91.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Canon David Miller.

Joan was born in Lostwithiel, where she grew up with two brothers, Bill and John.

She spent some of her life on the Isles of Scilly, and in Truro and Penzance, but most of it on the outskirts of Helston, where she lived contentedly with her husband, William, on a smallholding, for more than 50 years.

Joan and Bill ran a house-clearing and antiques business.

Joan loved to keep in touch with family. Malcolm and Carla Eddy lived close by and other family enjoyed their visits.

Joan had a number of close friends, including Rhona, Marion Gillian Eddy, Jo Lawrence and Martin White.

Donations were for the Fairholme Residents' Amenity Fund and total £94.

Family mourners: Malcolm Eddy, Gillian Eddy, Martin White and Barbara White; also close friends Mr Peter Clark, Dennis and Bernard Waters, Mr and Mrs Neil Orchard; Mrs Tracie Hascam, rep husband and children; Mrs Judy Craven, Mr Lawrence, Mrs DE Johnson, Ann and Terry, Sam and Anna Hunt; Malcolm and Carla Eddy, rep Reggie Turner, John Tresidder, Willie Jenkins and Hilda Eddy.

Funeral director: John Jenkin for Colin Matthews Funerals, Camborne.

Mr N Timmins

St Erth Praze

THE CORNISH folk scene suffered a major loss in August this year when Niall Timmins died after a mercifully short battle against cancer of the lung, writes Rob Ford.

As MC of many Cornish folk clubs and events he was a great leveller and wit, someone who could reduce even the most egotistical of performers with wry comments about them being rubbish, or apologising to the audience for having to submit them to the pain of the next act.

However, in reality he was very supportive of everyone, and although a great singer and guitarist, was able to work closely with others without overpowering them with his brilliance. The list of people he has performed with includes almost everyone from the late 1960s onwards.

Perhaps one of the most poignant eulogies has come from the celebrated performer Mic McCreadie, who wrote on his Facebook page: "I'm very saddened to have to pass on the news of the death of Niall Timmins earlier today, 16th August 2013.

"Niall was perhaps the most central and certainly one of the most unifying characters in the South West Cornish folk community.

"From his days as a resident singer and MC in Truro Folk Cottage to his tenure of Piper's Folk Club in all its many locations, he worked tirelessly and assiduously to keep folk music alive and happening in the south west of the county.

"Ably and willingly assisted by his devoted wife Cathy (or Kitty to her friends) he devoted the bulk of his time and skills to the art and music that was the second love of his life, Cathy being the first.

"He was a gentle man, kind and considerate, generous and giving, full of love and humour; none who knew him could fail to like and admire him.

"His zest for life makes his early demise all the more tragic and sad.

"His collaborations with other talented musicians in and around the West Country has left a vibrant legacy of music and recordings for posterity.

"I feel privileged to have recorded and co-produced two CD albums with Niall: his solo album Dark Moon Rising and the Hunters Moon CD, a collaboration with Mike Kessel and Jinks Jenkins. "Niall was a constant in my time as a folk musician and I'm glad and grateful to have known him and to have been the butt of his often wickedly accurate wit.

"I shall miss him greatly and it is my certain opinion that the folk community here in the South West has lost a righteous and rare champion in his passing."

His friend and fellow member of the band Feague, wrote: "Niall is known to most of us as an outstanding singer and musician and an accomplished songwriter.

"He had been a member of many bands both in Britain and his native Northern Ireland as well as in Southern Ireland, featuring on vinyl LPs as well as CDs.

"However, Niall was a man of many talents. He was a fine painter, called upon to illustrate several books, most recently Tales, Traditions And Folklore of Ireland, by Ben Simon.

"Niall could switch from a large canvas to painting a grass snake on an egg (which he did) and then to producing accurate and detailed drawings of the flowers of the Burren.

"Niall had a degree in photography, always preferring film or plate to digital and although not his favourite art form, produced many commercial images.

He was also a carver of meerschaum pipes in exquisite fine and miniature detail.

"Apart from his music and his acerbic wit, Niall is probably best known as a master carver. His work can be seen in the decorative windows in Belfast Customs House, in sand mouldings in Chicago as well as in public parks in Belfast and New York and many other locations, including, of course, public houses.

"Niall was also a family man, forever supported by his loving wife Catherine (Kitty) and so proud of all his children.

"He was at his happiest when celebrating family gatherings from birthdays to complicated games evenings at Christmas.

"As well as being a man of many talents Niall was someone who loved to share his gifts and many of us are grateful to have learned from him. We will miss him greatly".

Niall was born and bred in Northern Ireland and as a student of Belfast College of Art in the early 1970s, he and a group of friends, including Irish folk guitarist Adrian O'Reilly, regularly came over to Penzance to spend the summer playing music and taking casual jobs, staying at the YHA.

Here he got to know Kitty and became friendly with Brenda Wootton and John the Fish, who ran the Pipers Folk Club.

A few years later Niall moved over to Cornwall permanently and together with Kitty was asked by Brenda Wootton to take over the folk club, giving Brenda the chance to develop her international career.

This they did very successfully and soon became established as a focal part of the local scene. At the time Niall played with the band Gypsum with Tony Franklin and Tony Shaw.

In the very early 1980s Niall and Kitty decided to move to County Clare, in Southern Ireland, after the birth of their daughter, Polly.

It was Niall's wish that she would have the chance to grow up as an Irishwoman, and experience the unique life to be had in the Burren with its wild flowers and landscape.

Niall was an accomplished stone carver and had made a good living in Cornwall making wonderful meerschaum pipes which have become collector's items throughout the world.

But in the Burren, despite his excellent work in stone, his drive to try out new artistic mediums led him to painting some of the beautiful wild flowers. This gave Kitty and Niall another income stream and for several years they lived off Niall's Burren notelets, which he sold in abundance.

Niall's mother and brother's illness brought him and his family to Belfast city towards the end of the 1980s, and he became the artist-in-residence for the Ulster Wildlife Trust, working with David Attenborough and others to promote wild life through his art and to raise money for the trust. At this time he started woodcarving and very quickly established himself as a master carver.

His work was placed in the parks of Belfast and with several exhibitions became internationally recognised, leading to carvings on display in many major cities throughout the world.

Then tragedy struck and Niall had a serious accident with a chisel which badly injured his hand and greatly reduced his ability to use it.

Following this accident, and consequently, his daughter Polly came over to Exeter University to study, and after just one term announced to her parents that she was not intending to return to Northern Ireland.

So Niall and Kitty returned to West Cornwall and were welcomed home by their Cornish friends. Within weeks they had established folk singing at the Smugglers Inn, St Erth Praze, and shortly after teamed up with Jonathan Ryan and moved to the Wheal Dream Folk Club, near Helston.

This took over from Pipers Folk Club as one of the most popular venues in West Cornwall, and led to Niall and Kitty collaborating with others in running the Cornwall Folk Festival from 2003 to 2006.

In 2012 the club moved to the Sportsman's Arms, in Four Lanes, and became known simply as the Dreamer's Folk Club.

Niall's last public engagement was to MC the night for a wonderful group of young Australians, The Blue Mosquitoes, touring the UK for the second time. He went out in style, and in typical manner left everyone with little idea what to do after his departure.

A man of depth and mystery, he let it be known that he had no desire to have a funeral. He had attended his brother's funeral, who also died of lung cancer two years ago, and that had left him cold. "I don't want a procession of people seeing me in my coffin," he told Kitty. He has asked that a concert in his memory be put on with all proceeds going to cancer research.

There has been a fantastic response from the Cornish folk scene to this request and internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Mike Silver has agreed to headline the concert, with many other regularly performing musicians, songwriters and singers offering to join the billing.

The concert will take place on Saturday, November 16, at the Old Cattle Market in Helston. The tickets are priced at £10 and more than 100 have already been sold.

Tickets can be bought directly from Kitty on 01736 850630.

Mrs VE Travers


THE FUNERAL service has taken place at Treswithian Downs crematorium of Vilma Edith Travers, aged 83, of Redruth.

Pastor Mike Ely officiated.

Vilma was born in Camborne, where she was also educated and grew up. She worked on the land in her younger years picking daffodils and vegetables, which she would often say was very hard work.

Later Vilma was employed at the Rank Bush Murphy factory, in Pool, as a supervisor, moving from there to Berriman's Bakery, where she worked for many years.

Vilma met her husband Peter at the King's Arms in Taity Court, Redruth, where she worked as a barmaid.

They married and later had a daughter Diane, who now lives in Norwich.

Vilma sadly lost Peter 13 years ago.

She loved her bingo and played three times a week in Redruth, St Day and Carharrack, and would have played even more if possible.

She had a wicked sense of humour, as many who knew her would know.

Vilma moved to Miners Court four years ago and loved her time there. Her best friend, Gwen, would visit on regular occasions and was also her bingo companion.

Vilma will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Thoughts are with her daughter, Diane, and her sister, Madeline, in New Zealand, who were unable to attend.

Family and friends attending were: Sarah Vinner, Ian Vinner, Mr and Mrs T Nicholls, John and Gloria Travers, Paul Travers, Joy Searle, Lee and Sarah, Maureen Oliver, Jill Oliver, Alec Waller, Jackie O'Neil, Georgina Mitchell, Bet and Ron Gribble, Tracey and Adrian French, Sarah Milford, Carol Penhaligon, John and Bridgette Berryman, Diane Windsor, Peggy Hurst, Pauline Davey, Emma King, Mrs G Elice, Mrs I Matthews, Mr and Mrs T Dunstan, Ann Phipps, Sandra and Donald Nicholas, Yvonne and Brian Chapman, Shelley Chapman, Pam Metcalft, Mr and Mrs P Bailey.

Funeral directors: Bernard Williams and Son, Redruth.

Mrs D Volante Carn Brea

THE FUNERAL service has taken place at Brea Methodist Church, followed by interment at Illogan Cemetery, for Dorothy Volante, aged 92, of Carn Brea.

Pastor Celia Ramnath officiated.

Family mourners: Clive and Stella Truscott, son and daughter-in-law; Elizabeth and Terry Paul, daughter and son-in-law; Darren and Susan Paul, grandson and wife; Justin and Luci Paul, grandson and wife; Alan and Barbara Terrill, cousins.

Funeral arrangements were by David Hendy & Sons, Treswithian, Camborne.

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