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Nightmare neighbour thrown out of Truro flat

By WBMiles  |  Posted: March 21, 2014

Charlotte Cade of the County Anti Social Behaviour Team, Julie Andrew of Cornwall Housing and PCSO Tom Crook pictured outside the flat in Carlyon Close.

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A nightmare neighbour has been thrown out of his flat in Truro for bad behaviour.

Tormented residents suffered months of “fights, loud arguments and general rowdy behaviour” from Michael Swales and visitors to his flat in Carlyon Close.

Devon and Cornwall Police worked with Cornwall Council’s anti social behaviour team to make a closure order for the flat enforced by Truro Magistrates. Cornwall Housing, who manage the flat, supported the order and evicted Mr Swales.

PC Jo Medlin, neighbourhood beat manager for Truro, said: “Over the past six months there has been a significant rise in the amount of calls to that particular flat with regards to persistent anti-social behaviour.

“Officers attending these incidents were reporting up to ten persons in the flat at any one time, all under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs whereby fights, loud arguments and general rowdy behaviour had taken place.

“Calls to the police were being received at all times of the day and night which led to the surrounding residents to fear for their safety and that of their properties.”

Charlotte Cade, from Cornwall Council’s anti social behaviour team, said Mr Swales was offered plenty of support and had many opportunities to change his behaviour

She said: “However, he and visitors to the property have continued to act anti-socially, often putting other residents in fear of entering or leaving their own properties.

“This closure will provide those other residents with the respite they deserve and relieve them of the stress they have suffered over the last six months.”

Julie Andrew, tenancy enforcement officer for Cornwall Housing, said they had received complaints going back to July when Mr Swales moved in.

She said: “One report, stated that 13 visitors were seen coming out of his flat, in an intoxicated state, which was intimidating for visitors walking through.

“Incidents have included loud music, banging, shouting, arguing, swearing, throwing bottles out of the first floor window, doors slamming and fighting.”

Neighbours Kenneth and Judith Mortimor spoke of their relief at the eviction.

Mr Mortimor said: “We’ve had enough of living in fear of our safety and being nervous and scared in our own home, where we should feel safe.

“It’s been very stressful and it will take a while for us to settle down but we’re just so relieved that the property has now been closed up.”

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  • Jonny2010  |  March 29 2014, 12:17PM

    Truro_England@ I never knew there was a Truro over in England. I agree he sounds like a Nazi eugenicist. I think the state interferes enough in people's lives.

    |   1
  • pilgrimboz  |  March 27 2014, 10:33AM

    Hmm lots of sniffling nazi sympathetic cowards sneaking on to put thumbs down,do you really think the nazis are that wonderful? Shame not one of you have got the guts to actually tell me why I'm wrong,because you can't.

    |   1
  • pilgrimboz  |  March 22 2014, 12:04PM

    Well twinscrew, who made you his spokesman? I know exactly what he meant and I really don't need a third party to put their option of what he meant thank you. Believe me I know all about disruptive neighbours and the ludicrous rigmarole of getting these scumbags removed through the courts but when people make frankly vile, idiotic comments about sterilising people then it needs to be addressed, I am very mindful of bringing up nazi analogies into arguments but in this case it's totally valid, that's (sterilisation) was page one of the nazi manifesto. How would he feel if I decided I was superior and decided all single parents like HIM are to be sterilised? Yes, they all think it applies to someone else until they realise they too are inferior in others eyes.

    |   -1
  • TWINSCREW  |  March 22 2014, 11:26AM

    pilgrimboz, Why are you attacking the man and not the ball? Truro_England is expressing a point of view relating to an incident which was causing great distress to a group of people, I don't think you can have ever lived near a disruptive neighbour or you would be more understanding, why should this person be given a council house and benefits and be able to cause grief at our expense. Instead of slagging off Truro_England tell us what your solution is to this kind of person.

    |   -1
  • pilgrimboz  |  March 21 2014, 12:47PM

    Yes I was right,you do indeed sound like a nazi eugenesist the fact you're a man doesn't circumnavigate an agenda.you believe males should be sterilised at birth and have a chosen partner ***? You're a dangerous freak,oh and what about the women then? Or is it just the men who get sterilised in your nazi utopia? Btw what the hell qualifies Steven hawken in matters of population, I think you'll find the nazis you clearly approve of would had euthanised a cripple like him on day one.

    |   -7
  • Truro_England  |  March 21 2014, 12:24PM

    @pilgrimboz. I'm actually a man lol. I'm 32 and have two children from two previous relationships, I work and have always worked to provide for my two children. I believe males once sterilised at birth, should have to apply with their chosen partner once 18 or over, have a job, steady income and a place to live. Of course mishaps happen like loosing your job, I've been made redundant this month but have been able to secure any job due to my constant applying and strong CV. Because I'm currently a single male working a 45 hr week I qualify for no benefits, I've paid so much tax over the years but had little in return. The great stephen hawking has said, the biggest threat to the human race is overpopulation.

    |   5
  • pilgrimboz  |  March 21 2014, 11:39AM

    @truro England 'Bring in neutering of all males' ? Sounds like you're a weirdo man hater? I agree with the sentiment but surely your nazi eugenics ideals must be accompanied with the sterilisation of the legions of women who make a career of spitting out their nests of feral multi fathered rat children,after all it's them who end up in the massive council house at my expense. What's your agenda lady?

    |   -3
  • Truro_England  |  March 21 2014, 9:39AM

    The reason why it took 6 months is because they have to find him another flat, I feel sorry for next poor people to live next to him and put up with his waste of a life. People like him and his mates should get no more help because they don't want it, they want a life on benefits to get drunk and breed. Bring in neutering of all males who can't look after themselves let alone a baby. Why do we bend over backwards giving people like him so much help and benefits when he should be put down, what does he or will ever offer this planet.?

    |   14