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Nearly 1,000 Bodmin residents over 16 dependent on alcohol, report reveals

By CG_Oscar  |  Posted: June 14, 2013

More than 950 Bodmin residents over the age of 16 are dependent on alcohol

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More than 950 Bodmin residents over the age of 16 are dependent on alcohol, according to a multi-agency organisation set up 12 months ago to reduce crime and disorder in the town.

Now, a campaign is under way pointing out the health risks of excessive drinking in an attempt to persuade them to drink sensibly.

The Safer Bodmin group has acknowledged its targets cannot be achieved by the police alone, and says improving its partnership working has helped to maximise the limited available resources to their best effect.

David Parker, a Cornwall Council community safety officer, said over the last year, the Safer Bodmin group has been successful in delivering a range of crime prevention and reduction measures.

The work of the group is continuing, and it will seek to ensure closer working relationships with the newly elected Bodmin Town Council over the coming months, he said.

“Throughout the summer the Cornwall-wide ‘What will your drink cost?’ campaign will be running in Bodmin.

“Eight per cent of people in Bodmin aged over 16 are estimated to be dependant drinkers.’’ said Mr Parker.

“ We aim to broaden the public’s understanding of the current cultural attitudes towards alcohol, and the negative effects that these attitudes produce, encouraging long term cultural change.

“ We are asking people to look at their own drinking habits, with regard to the risks that they are taking to their immediate health – people are more likely to be involved in an accident at home, a fire, or an incident on the roads if they have been drinking.

Mr Parker pointed out there were a wide range of long term health problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption, which was having a big impact on the health service.

“ In addition, alcohol fuels violent crime. We are not asking people to stop drinking, Cornwall is dependant upon the licensed trade for a large part of its economy.

“ However, if people choose to drink, we suggest that they drink sensibly. For men, consumption should not regularly exceed 3-4 units daily, or for women, 2 – 3 units.’’

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service is a partner in Safer Bodmin, and is displaying the campaign message on appliance at Bodmin.

For more information on how to cut down alcohol consumption contact Addaction on 01579 340616.

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  • eciguser  |  September 07 2013, 12:19PM

    haha how many underage people now smoke? There now saying that too many teenagers are now using electronic cigarettes, which is outrageous! most companies now wouldn't allow it, especially http://tinyurl.com/m8xz2n7

  • crgee  |  June 14 2013, 10:26PM

    Giv em a spade and a barra and get them widening the A30.

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  • rags_n_bones  |  June 14 2013, 8:14PM

    I also recall and with previous police raids in the Bodmin area, that there is also to much "WEED" on the streets of Bodmin most of the population is constantly stoned, and i am not on about the character in watch with mother who sits between Bill & Ben. ahhh those were the days.

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  • kingofkernow  |  June 14 2013, 6:06PM

    I have lived in Bodmin for most of my 46 years and the problem has always been way too much social housing that is filled with the unemployable ( note, not the unemployed !) A large proportion of these people arrive from out of county. Three generations of one Bodmin family were recently put behind bars for drug dealing and I believe they originated from Gloucester. Start building the sink estates in Wadebridge, Truro, St Ives, Fowey, and lets spread the problem around !! Bodmin's 8% could drop to 2% !

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  • Truro_England  |  June 14 2013, 4:47PM

    If I had to live in Bodmin and other dreary places like Camborne and Redruth, I would need to be dependant on alcohol too....

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  • toffer99  |  June 14 2013, 3:45PM

    "Nearly 1,000 Bodmin residents over 16 dependent on alcohol" Where's the evidence for this, please? How were these figures gathered? What's 1000 as a percentage of the population? What was the definition of "dependent" used? How was the "estimation" done? What is the Safer Bodmin Group and who does it consist of? Who funded the survey/program/questionnaire? Please answer these questions, then you'll have a story.

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