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Men charged with 'witches coven' child sex offences involved in 'wife swapping'

By Jo_Wood  |  Posted: November 29, 2012

Truro Court

Jack Kemp and Peter "German Pete" Petrauske on trial at Truro Crown Court for child sex offences

The wife of one of the men accused of ritual sex abuse of young girls involving a 'witches coven' has claimed the couple had been involved in swapping sexual partners.

Pamela James, Jack Kemp's wife until their divorce following his arrest last December, told the jury today that she and Peter "German Pete" Petrauske had sexual intercourse a number of times between the early 1970's and 80's.

"My husband knew about it, he wanted me to" she said. "It was a wife swapping stage we went through."

Mrs James also told of her husband having slept with another woman in their home for a few weeks while she slept downstairs.

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She knew her husband went to witches' meetings with 'German Pete' but she told him she didn't want to go or know about it.

"I did go to German Pete's home and see a lot of weird ornaments and statues, and he did read my fortune on the Tarot cards but it was all rubbish."

The allegations of child abuse came to light, she said, at a birthday party at which a lot of alcohol was drunk and her husband was accused of rape.

Petrauske and Kemp were said to have been involved in a pagan group from the 1970s onwards, in which children said they were plied with alcohol before being made to undress in front of a crowd of men wearing robes.

The victims, from Cornwall, were then abused by their tormentors, before being given money and sweets to buy their silence, the court was told.

The abuse was only investigated further by police last year when Kemp was arrested in connection with another incident, causing rumours to spread around his home town of Falmouth and prompting the alleged victims of the historic offences to contact detectives.

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The trial continues.

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