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Made in Cornwall, handpainted in Tokyo

By dshott  |  Posted: January 16, 2013

  • A "real boy"

  • "Real boys" as they leave Cornwall, white and hatless

  • left to right, about 16 hours work.

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British designer based in Tokyo uses Wadebridge based

manufacturer for his latest project "Real Boy Pins".


It's not unusual to here

"nothings made in the UK anymore" or claims that our manufacturing

industry is dead. For those starting their own business, it can be difficult to

ignore the fact that they're likely to find a manufacturer in the Far East that

can produce the same product for a fraction of the cost.


When searching for a manufacturer of

his new Pinocchio-inspired push pins design, Duncan Shotton gave "Dufort

Associates" - a Wadebridge based injection molder, the contract to manufacture

2000 push pins when they beat the Far East on both speed and quality, as well

as the numerous other benefits of working with a partner from your own country.


Although the tooling and moldings

weren't cheap (each one requires a technician to manually load a metal pin,

which the plastic is then formed around), Duncan re-designed the product to

honour a higher retail price.


After being molded in Cornwall in

white, they are brush painted to exquisite detail, by hand, by the designer

himself, in his Tokyo studio.

Each limited edition (x1000) pack of

two "Real Boys" comes in beautiful packaging that bares it's own unique serial



So, when you next hear someone moan

about the downward-spiral of the UK economy, remind them that we can fight

back, and it can start with businesses in Cornwall.



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