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Cornwall-bound Lydia the great white shark now has her own Twitter account

By DaveCDM  |  Posted: March 13, 2014

Comments (1) Lydia the great white shark, whose journey across the Atlantic towards the Cornish coast has captured the public's imagination, now has her own Twitter account.As we reported last Friday, Lydia is being tracked by scientists after she was fitted with a tag in Florida.The tag has tracked her movements for a year, and on Monday she became the first great white ever recorded to cross more than halfway over the Atlantic, and is now only 800 miles from the UK.The story has become a global hit, gaining newspaper, radio and TV coverage across Europe as people wait to see where she will end up.The scientists tracking her believe she may be pregnant and could be heading for the Mediterranean to find a safe area to give birth.However, her movements have been quite erratic, and no one can be sure exactly where she is heading.Her fame has now seen a Twitter account set up in her name - although it is admittedly unlikely that Lydia is updating the Twitter account herself, given that the mobile phone signal in the mid-Atlantic is quite poor, and she has fins.But the account is giving updates on the shark's location, and her intention.Lydia claims she is heading first towards Ireland in time for St Patrick's Day.You can track Lydia's movements by clicking here.

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