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Lord Justice Leveson calls for legislation to regulate newspapers

By GDemianyk  |  Posted: November 29, 2012

Lord Justice Leveson

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Regional and local newspapers make a contribution to their communities that is "truly without parallel", Lord Justice Leveson has said as he spelled out a new system of regulation by statute to tackle the excessive practices of the Press.

In the long-awaited report sparked by the phone hacking scandal, Lord Leveson pronounced the "criticisms of culture, practices and ethics of the press" should not be applied to the local newspaper industry.

"On the contrary they have been much praised," the report states.

The central recommendation of the 2,000 page report is for a new system of independent self-regulation of the newspaper industry to stamp out "outrageous" Press behaviour.

But, if adopted, the new body would be underpinned by a change in the law to enforce the new independent regime.

The new body, which will be free of serving newspaper editors and MPs and replace the Press Complaints Commission, would have to act on complaints, with the power to demand apologies and fines of up to £1million.

Newspapers would be offered the "incentive" to join by awarding a "kitemark" of quality for those that sign up and arbitration service that spares them from hefty legal costs.

The body, established by the Press, could not stop

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  • CallingtonFox  |  December 01 2012, 9:24PM

    In case anyone is interested: http://tinyurl.com/65mnp7p

  • eu_blues  |  November 29 2012, 7:57PM

    Regulation... The Leveson Inquiry is just another old boys network set-up to further muzzle what's ultimately left of what I would call "free Press", if you can call it that. Just looking at the various authors and individuals involed in this inquiry that have very close links with other media organisations and corporations, it makes me wonder how independent this body really is. Just look at Mr. Bell. He was the head of the MST (Media Standards Trust) before taking up his postion with Leveson, then we have Dr. Moore, who seems to less than independent when you look at his past C.V. . Dr. Moore has been involved with major corporations like Time Warner and the BBC in the past. I notice that David Yellland has been active with the Leveson Inquiry as well. Mr. Yelland background comes from the Murdoch Empire. Even looking at the list of the review group on Leveson makes for intresting reading. It seems that the review group are a cross section of individuals from the elite movers and shakers of government, banking and media. To call Leveson a white wash would be unfair. I would call it more than that, but I would be sued for saying it on here, so I won't go there. Its pure and simply an old boys network with an agenda to muzzle what's left of the free press to further a bigger agenda.

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  • Phil_lip  |  November 29 2012, 4:39PM

    I like this bit 'But, if adopted, the new body would be underpinned by a change in the law to enforce the new independent regime.' Throughout history the 'news' has always been submitted to new laws that in essence suppress it just before the society has collapsed.

    |   -3
  • toffer99  |  November 29 2012, 4:33PM

    That's interesting. This site has an automatic filter which deletes the word D A C R E (Daily Mail editor) and inserts asterisks. (see my last post) Well, its owned by the Daily Mail group, so we can't expect free speech around here.

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  • toffer99  |  November 29 2012, 4:30PM

    Cameron has rejected legislation despite 79% of citizens being in favour of it. He's still Murdoch's creature, or is it *****'s?

  • josdave  |  November 29 2012, 3:39PM

    While legislation would detract from the freedom of the press it's clear that two attempts to self regulate have not worked and the public need some safeguard. As it is any member of the public with a legitimate complaint is up against the media's lawyers and can't win even if they could afford the legal bill. An independent regulator with teeth is what is needed.

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  • twain1  |  November 29 2012, 2:50PM

    No need for a regulator on this site, the over-enthusiastic moderation team destroy even non offensive free speech here, even stuff copied and pasted from the owners Daily Mail! One standard for the press and another for the contributors, make off that what you will!

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