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Looe woman Yvonne Redhead accused of stabbing her partner

By CMJohannaCarr  |  Posted: October 08, 2013

  • Looe woman Yvonne Redhead accused of stabbing her partner


THE partner of a Looe woman was left sitting in a pool of his own blood after she stabbed him with a kitchen knife, a court has heard.

Yvonne Redhead, 41, of Downs View, West Looe, went on trial at Truro Crown Court on Monday accused of unlawfully and maliciously wounding her then partner Alec Sharp on June 21.

Iain White, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police were called to a domestic incident at Redhead’s home at about 10.40pm

Three officers attended the scene where they found Mr Sharp bleeding heavily from a stab wound to his left thigh, which was later found to be 4cm long. There was blood in the hallway, the bathroom and the bedroom of the property.

Mr White said: “What they could immediately see was a long corridor directly ahead. They could see a large amount of blood on the hall floor.

“The first room on the right-hand side was a bedroom and they could see Alex Sharp and he was sitting behind the door on a single bed.

“He was wearing jeans but it was evident that his left leg was bleeding heavily from his thigh. Blood was forming a pool on the ground.”

Mr Sharp told a police officer that Redhead had stuck him in the leg and was heard by four witnesses to be shouting at the defendant, calling her crazy.

A short-handled kitchen knife, which had blood on it, was found at the house by police and shown to the jury.

Mr White said: “As Mr Sharp was being taken to hospital he was having second thoughts about the consequences for his partner.

“He was heard to say ‘I know, I’ll say I fell on the knife’ and that is exactly what he said to police.”

Mr Sharp told police he had been in the kitchen trying to open a wine bottle with a knife when he fell onto it.

When interviewed by police a month later, Redhead, who denies the charge, gave a similar account, saying that she heard a noise in the kitchen and when she went to investigate she found bottles and the knife on the floor which she picked up.

She said she later went into a panic when she saw the blood.

Mr White added: “The prosecution case is that neither party has been telling the truth to the court.

“They would have told the police and paramedics at the time if this had been an accident.”

The case continues.

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