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Live coverage from the Olympic Torch Relay through Cornwall

By Jo_Wood  |  Posted: May 19, 2012

  • Eden Project 2 Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Bodmin by Rachel Craddock

  • Eden Project 2 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 3 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 3 Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Eden Project 4 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 4 Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Eden Project 5 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 5 Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Eden Project 6 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 6 Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Eden Project 7 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 8 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 9 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project 9 Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Eden Project 10 by APEX.jpg

  • Eden Project by APEX

  • Eden Project Credit Tom Griffiths

  • Ben Fogle lifts the torch

  • Fogle with the flame

  • LOCOG Organisers at Eden

  • Photo Credit London 2012

  • Ben Fogle Photo Credit London 2012

  • 2Photo Credit London 2012

  • Eden crowds

  • Eden

  • Eden Ben Fogle preparing

  • Evie Hall with the torch in Trewoon

  • Newquay 2 by Caroline Hill

  • Newquay 3 by Caroline Hill

  • Newquay 4 by Caroline Hill

  • Newquay by Caroline Hill

  • Newquay6

  • Newquay5

  • Newquay4

  • Newquay3

  • Newquay2

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay

  • Newquay by Jo Wood

  • Newquay better safe than sorry by Jo Wood

  • Newquay 9by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 8 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 12 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 2 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 3 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 4 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 5 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 6 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 7 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 10 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 11 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 13 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 14 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 15 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 16 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 17 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 18 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 19 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 20 by Emma Wright

  • Newquay by Emma Wright

  • Newquay 2 by Jo Wood

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro by Save Truro Campaign

  • Truro5 by Chris Wasey

  • Truro4 by Chris Wasey

  • Truro3 by Chris Wasey

  • Truro2 by Chris Wasey

  • Truro by Chris Wasey

  • Falmuth by Gordon Lott

  • Falmouth by Excess Energy

  • Falmouth by nugentgreg

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Falmouth by Edd Hurst

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 13

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 10

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 22

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 21

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 20

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 19

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 18

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 17

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 16

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 15

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 14

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 12

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 11

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 9

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 8

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 7

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 6

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 5

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 4

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 3

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 2

  • Olympic Torch Relay - Helston 1

  • Helston by Debbie Turner

  • Helston by Debbie Turner

  • Helston by Fraser Millward

  • Helton by Visit St Ives

  • Helston by Cllr Andrew Wallis

  • Helston by Aaron

  • Falmouth by Ginette Davies

  • Photo credit: London 2012

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Penzance by Lee Palmer2

  • Penzance by Lee Palmer

  • Penzance by Lee Palmer 4

  • Penance by Lee Palmer3

  • Newlyn by Tom Heale

  • London2012

  • Lands End by Lee Trewhela4

  • Lands End by Lee Trewhela3

  • Lands End by Lee Trewhela2

  • Lands End by Lee Trewhela

  • Torches kiss in Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Torches in Helson by Ewan Millar

  • Photo credit: London 2012

  • Photo credit: London 2012

  • Ben Ainsle > pic by Lee Trewhela

  • Photo credit: London 2012

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion by Alice Wright

  • Marazion torch kiss by Alice Wright

  • Marazion torch kiss by Alice Wright

  • The scene from Marazion before the torch arrival

  • The scene from Marazion before the torch arrival

  • Penzance by Jonathan Dash

  • Penzance 2 by Jonathan Dash

  • Penance 3 by Jonathan Dash

  • Penzance3 by Andrew Evans

  • Penzance by Andrew Evans

  • Penzance 2 by Andrew Evans

  • The scene from Marazion before the torch arrival

  • Photo credit: London 2012

  • The torch arrives at Land's End

  • The torch arrives at Land's End

  • The torch arrives at Land's End

  • The scene from Land's End this morning

  • The scene from Land's End this morning

  • The scene from Land's End this morning

  • The scene from Land's End this morning

  • The scene from Land's End this morning

  • Sennen by Atlantic Cottage Holidays

  • Sennen By Emma

  • Sennen by Emma2

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Click here to see the high-res gallery of the Olympic Torch's journey from Land's End through Cornwall

8.00pm UPDATE The Olympic Torch crosses the Tamar bridge where hundreds line the streets to greet it to Devon.

Cornwall's had a fabulous day. Thanks to those of you who emailed us, tweeted us and uploaded your pictures.

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Do keep them coming, the best gallery will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Mostly thanks for joining the fun and following the torch on the first day of its 8,000 mile adventure to London. Cornwall's done itself proud.

Follow the Olympic Torch's progress into Plymouth and beyond here.

7.30pm UPDATE

The Tamar bridge is beginning to be closed to traffic as the torch makes its final approach.

7.20pm UPDATE Torch about half an hour from the Tamar where the streets of Devon are lined to welcome it to Plymouth. The torch stops overnight before starting its journey through Devon tomorrow morning.

There is a party planned on the Hoe in its honor.

I know I said this this morning, but 6am feels like a long time ago - there are 20-30 vehicles in the Olympic Torch convey and organisers have to find beds for 350 people every night.


So, we are running a bit late this evening - it'll be there d'reckly, Plymouth!

Next up, Liskeard, where torch bearers are Helen Blackburn, Chris Theobald, Frances Johnson, Anthony Webb and Sophia Cowburn.

6.15pm UPDATE The convoy is now coming up to Bodmin. Torch bearers here are Jenny Hyde, Evie Fairman, Keith Manning and Julian Wills.

Meanwhile the price for that 2012 Olympic Torch on ebay has reached, well, £154k...

Scrap that - the mysterious auction has just been removed...

6.00pm UPDATE Torch is 10 minutes ahead (you read right) of schedule, currently in Bugle where the torch bearers are Norman Trebilcock, Clare Bredin, Christine Ayerst , Dave Hoskin and Howard Otton.

5.15pm UPDATE As the torch prepares to leave Eden Ben Fogle describes his part in today's events as 'unforgettable'.

Ben as harnessed under Eden’s helium balloon in Eden's Rainforest where he soared nearly 50 meters up above the trees.

Ben said “That was one of the most amazing experiences. As I ran through the Eden Project there were crowds of people and roars of appreciation.

"The balloon in the Rainforest rose to the top of the Biome and it was extraordinary looking out on a sea of people and all the plants below. It felt very special and I was very proud to be part of it.”

Gaynor Coley, Eden’s Chief Executive, Enterprise said: “What a day for Cornwall, the UK and for the Eden Project. To be among the first places to witness this extraordinary spectacle was a moment we will remember forever.

“The rousing welcome that Cornwall gave the Olympic Flame shows the true spirit of this special place to the rest of the world.

"Ben was beautiful, the Biomes were beautiful, it was a Cornish gold medal of a day.”

4.40pm UPDATE

Get ready Eden - THEY'RE HERE!

4.30pm UPDATE

Very strange - it looks like there's already a 2012 Olympic Torch on ebay... surely not?

4.00pm UPDATE

Olympic Torch reaches St Austell. It's due in Truro Road (B3274), Trinity Street, South Street, East Hill, Alexandra Road and Victoria Road before making its way to the Eden Project where Ben Fogle is waiting to fly it around the biomes...

3.50pm UPDATE

The torch is on the A3058 nearing St Austell.

3.20pm UPDATE Torch in St Stephen heading towards St Austell and the Eden Project. Torch bearers in St Stephen are Garvey Evans, Rossi Ross, Revis Crowle and Val Hawken.

3.00pm UPDATE Torch leaves Newquay on time!

2.30pm UPDATE

The crowds were out in force this afternoon to welcome the Olympic Torch to Newquay. One member of the crowd whipped that even the carnival doesn't get the fanfare welcome the torch got.

Flanked by 9 members of the Met Police it passed without incident. Torch bearers were Jenni Buckley, Dale Triggs, Tommy Gee, Denise May, Martyn Selley, Hattie Devereux, Dylan Read, Emma Fox, Emma Jones, Andy Ferris, Georgia Doyle-Lay.

The torch is due a brief pause at Newquay Tretherras School.

Traffic in town is at standstill.


As the torch bears down on Truro city, there'll be a brief pause in our coverage while we take our place to watch it pass through Newquay in 40 minutes time.

We're on @thisiscornwall and @TruroPeople on Tiwtter.

12.55pm UPDATE From Chris Wasey on Twitter "People starting to get teasy (in Truro). Just heard a bit of a to-do over pushing in front and generally being too tall..."

The torch has just passed the Norway Inn and is making its way up to Truro.

Torch bearers in the city are Rik Bennett, Barry Symons, Lisa Heal, Rhiannon Bryant.

12.35pm UPDATE There'll be a delay of 30 mins getting to Cornwall's city, Truro.

12 noon UPDATE Having made up some time the torch prepares to leave Falmouth for Truro.

TruroPeople.co.uk publisher Chris Wasey tells us "I've never seen it so busy!

"The atmousphere is great though. Everybody is in great spirits and there are the sounds of finger drums and whistles all over town.

"The weather's pretty good too, warm and overcast with flashes of summer sun."

11.50am UPDATE

Incredible scenes from Falmouth. hundreds of people lining the streets in sunshine, trying to get a good view of the torch.

11.30am UPDATE

Torch arrives in Falmouth, running on Cornish time - 20 minutes late.

Ginette Davies of the West Briton says "it's amazing down here. The sun is shining, the crowds are out in force flying their flags."

10.33am UPDATE As the torch is running more than 20 minutes late it will no longer be resting at Grove Place car park in Falmouth.

Torch bearers in Famouth are Sean Mcdonnell, Gavin Cattle, Mikey Willis, Claire Spargo Williams, Taig Stephens, John Parham, Dave Collins, Ben Leonard, John Forster, Chelsie Ferguson

10.33am UPDATE the Olympic torch arrives in Helston Square.

10.20am UPDATE The torch runs through Ashton on its way to Helston (Torch bearers: Liz Lusty, Sarah Mortiboys, Julie Search and Grace Wilkin).

A great pic has been sent to us by @CornishLight on Twitter - check out our map below to see it.

10.05am UPDATE Helston is on tenterhooks to welcome the Olympic flame. Torch bearers here are Nena Yendell, Nicole Martin, Timothy Boden, Charlotte Chadwick, Jeremy Parry, Mandy Hewitt.

Report from the West Briton's Ginette Davies waiting in Falmouth: "There is already a great buzz in Falmouth and the moor is starting to fill with excited crowds"

The torch is running 20 minutes late this morning.

9.20am UPDATE It will be there dreckly! Running on Cornish time this morning, the torches 'kiss' at last at Marazion in front of St Michael's Mount.

8.50am Alice Wright reports there are at least 500 people gathered at Marazion, and lots of people are waving flags and streamers.

Mandy Headlam, from just outside Marazion has been down here for an hour. She said: "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to see something as great as the Olympic torch with the backdrop of the mount. It's just beautiful, we had the mist here in the morning and that's cleared. There's a really nice atmosphere, it's a chance to showcase Cornwall."

8.38am Torch arrives in Penzance.

7.50am The torch is due to reach Newlyn at 8am. A Tweet from @CornishLight to us says "big crowds already building in Penzance."

8:00am UPDATE Torch bearers 'kiss' torches in Penzance, where crowds line the streets and the atmosphere is one of 'great excitement'.

7.32am UPDATE Ben Ainsle speaks to BBC Breakfast.

"I'm just very proud, " he said. And of the torch "It's actually pretty heavy!"

"It was pretty emotional to be honest... It's great for Cornwall to start off in Land's End, so I'm very proud for Cornwall."

"The torch is a great way to get that Olympic fever going around the country."

"I think the Olympics is for everybody so I feel its important for everyone to get up close to it."

7.28am UPDATE Tassy Swallow takes over the honor as the torches 'kiss' to exchange the flame.

Lee reports that Ben Ainslie is now immersed, chatting to the crowd.

It appears someone was moved away from the torch as it made its way up Lands End Access Road by police. Eyewitness @Mousehole1 on Twitter said it was "just one person bundled into the hedge."

7.19am UPDATE

The first relay is complete as Ben Ainsle passes the torch to Vicky Smith, who breaks into a run with the flame. It's passed again to Steve Brady.

7.16am UPDATE

Ben starts to jog with the torch away from Land's End. He keeps a slow pace so everyone gets to see it.

7.10am UPDATE

Ben Ainsle makes his way with the torch from the Land's End sign. He pauses outside the 'media vehicle'. He chats to people lining the street and allows them to touch the torch.

The torch has three sides and 8,000 holes, to represent every torch bearer.

7.06am UPDATE

Flame is transferred from the lantern to Ben Ainslie's torch in beautiful Cornwall sunshine. Ainslie will run the torch the first 200 meters in its historic 8,000 mile journey to London.

Visit Cornwall chief Malcolm Bell tells Lee Trewhela "I've never known such a fine day here."

7.03am UPDATE

The flame is carried carefully towards the iconic Land's End sign, flanked by police.

Ben Ainslie meets the flame there and the pose for photographs.

6.59am UPDATE

Helicopter arrives from RNAS Culdrose circles the skies over Land's End. It touches down at 7.01am to cheers from the waiting crowd.

655am UPDATE

The helicopter, due in 5 minutes, will land on the road at Land's End. The weather is beautiful and Ben Ainslie is getting ready to receive the torch.

6.30am UPDATE

From the West Briton's Lee Trewhela at Land's End "there's a real buzz - hundreds of people are here already. There's a strong police presence. We just watched Ben Ainslie being given a pep-talk on how to hold the torch."

Media from the UK, Australia, China, Japan, Holland, Brazil, Poland and Finland are taking their places to record the historic event.

20-30 vehicles are in the convey. Organisers have to find beds for 350 people every night.


The world watched last night as the Olympic Flame arrived on board British Airways flight BA2012, greeted by press, dignitaries and the local people of Cornwall.

The torch will, today, start an incredible 8,000 mile tour around the UK.

Day One, however, is still all about Cornwall, as Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie is the first to carry the torch from Lands. Nearly one hundred torch bearers will help carry the torch today through Cornwall, where it will eventually rest overnight just the other side of the Tamar in Plymouth.

We'll be following the torch's progress today and, of course, updating our live map and detailed torch route with photos.

Click here to see the gallery of the Olympic Torch's journey and arrival at Culdrose, Cornwall last night.

We'd love you to get involved. Send us any emails or videos you'd like us to feature to jo.wood@northcliffemedia.co.uk or upload your own gallery of pictures straight to www.thisiscornwall.co.uk to be in with a chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher.

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  • babayaga321  |  May 20 2012, 6:53AM

    Hi...Great photos of a great day! I've created a FB page to hopefully record the passage of the torch relay around the country over these next 70 days. I hope it will become a single place where the progress of the flame can be recorded and this great event can be celebrated.... please feel free to spread the word within your area and post a few of your photos there! Cheers - Graham. https://http://tinyurl.com/7fkfolg

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  • garyp2010  |  May 19 2012, 5:32PM

    Ben Fogle quote 'unforgettable',another half chance wannabe who's easily forgettable, the British Brainwashing Corporation loves to employ.Cutting local radio spending but employing numptys like him pretty much sums the Corp up!

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  • sandyshaw  |  May 19 2012, 10:16AM

    Woot! seen little Coca-Cola bus. Beats religion any day. Any photos of that yet?

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