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LIVE BLOG: VIDEO: The Queen visits St Ives and St Michael's Mount

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: May 17, 2013

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The Queen has now completed her official visit to west Cornwall.

She left Marazion in a green Range Rover accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh after spending around two hours on St Michael’s Mount this afternoon – the home of the St Aubyn family.

After arriving on the island and being greeted by Lord and Lady St Levan, Her Majesty and Prince Philip rode in a four-wheel drive buggy to the top of the Mount where they had lunch as the guests of the St Levans.

The Royal party was joined by around 70 local dignitaries for the meal.

Afterwards the Queen was led across the battlements by Lord St Levan, James St Aubyn to look at the view of Mount’s Bay.

The Duke of Edniburgh was accompanied by Lady St Levan, Mary St Aubyn.

The Royal couple were smiling and asking questions of their hosts.

They then proceeded to meet the wives and children who live on the island, which has a population of 30 people.

Karen James, 39, was with her two children 8-year-old Layla and 19-month-old Hettie when the Queen emerged from having lunch with the St Aubyn family and other local dignitaries.

Karen’s partner Adam Poole is the castle steward and the family lives in a flat in the castle.

Karen said: “We knew she was coming but did not know if we would actually get to speak to her and say hello.

“We assumed we would see her from a distance like everyone usually does so it has been lovely.

“She shook my hand and said hello and I actually had a little chat with the Duke of Edinburgh.

“He asked where we lived and said something like ‘my goodness it is good to be at the top of the island.

“It was absolutely wonderful. Layla, being eight, will always remember this.”


The Queen and Prince Phillip have arrived on St Michael's Mount.

The Royal couple made the journey to the island by the amphibious boat,the St Michael.

The Marazion Apollo Choir launched into a rendition of Dolmine Salvan fac Reginam nostram - God Save the Queen in Latin - as the party got off the boat.

She was met by members of the St Aubyn family including Lord and Lady St Levan.

The crowd cheered as the Queen made her permanent footprints in casts at the foot of the castle.

The Duke of Edinburgh followed suit.

Her Majesty and the Duke were then taken up to the castle where they are now having lunch with St Aubyn family and local dignitaries.

Video Update

After visiting the RNLI lifeboat station in St Ives, the Queen walked along the seafront, greeting crowds who clapped and cheered their joy at seeing the royal visitor.


The Queen is now speaking to RNLI crew members in St Ives after arriving in the town to excited crowds lining the streets.

Some of the first people to speak to her in St Ives wee Anne Bassett, wife of harbourmaster Stephen and Margaret Hicks, wife of RNLI branch chairman Michael.

Anne said: "It is wonderful to see so many people out in St Ives to see the Queen. This is a really special day and the Queen looks beautiful."

Margaret added: "She has been very kind and was asking after us and our patrons. It was really lovely - I didn't think she would speak to us."

People have been lining the streets of St Ives since early morning hoping to get a glimpse of the Royal party.

After visiting the RNLI station they will go on to the Tate gallery.

Thousands of people are expected to line the streets as the Queen makes her first official visit to St Ives and St Michael's Mount.

The Queen and Prince Philip are travelling by train to the town on the branch line from St Erth - a trip regarded as one of the most picturesque in the world.

Their tour of St Ives will take in the RNLI lifeboat station and Tate St Ives, as well as a walk along the harbour.

The Royal couple will then head to St Michael's Mount, where their shoeprints will be moulded in soft clay and they will take lunch with the St Aubyn family.

Our reporters will be there, covering every step of this prestigious visit to west Cornwall from 9am. Follow all the coverage, including stories, pictures and videos, at thisiscornwall.co.uk and share your thoughts and pictures with us on Twitter using #kernowqueen or #cornwallqueen or on by posting them on the website.

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