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Justice Secretary believes the Conservatives can boost Cornwall's economy

By CGMikeS  |  Posted: May 08, 2014

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling (left) with inspector Dave Meredith

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SECRETARY of State for Justice Chris Grayling believes Cornwall’s economic problems can be overcome – but only if the overall economy “keeps moving in the right direction”.

Statistics recently produced by Eurostat - the EU's equivalent of the office of national statistics – show that along with the Welsh valleys Cornwall is the UK's poorest region, and is in the top ten most deprived areas in Western Europe.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have been warned of falling into a “permanent” cycle of welfare dependency by Lord Teverson, a former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Cornwall and West Plymouth who played a key role in getting Brussels aid for the Duchy in the late-1990s.

A member of the Conservatives, Mr Grayling visited Cornwall today to support his party’s parliamentary candidates in the area ahead of next year’s general election, and also met with police inspector for Newquay Dave Meredith and members of crime-busting group Newquay Safe.

Mr Grayling said that if the country’s overall economy - which he says is the fastest growing in the western world - keeps improving, then Cornwall will reap the benefits.

“In terms of the economic strategy for Cornwall, things are moving in the right direction, but I still think there’s a long way to go,” Mr Grayling said.

“There are particular challenges- including geographic challenges and localised economic challenges, but Cornwall cannot succeed if the economy is moving in the wrong direction.”

The area has been lavished with £1 billion of EU grants since the mid-1990s to overcome the decline of traditional industries that has left some parts of Poland, Lithuania and Hungary wealthier.

Mr Grayling said he hopes his party can continue to move the economy in the right direction by winning next year’s general election.

“Step by step the economy is now growing, faster than any country in the western world, and we are delivering long term solutions to economic problems,” he said.

“We have record numbers of people in employment and we’ve seen big falls in unemployment, so what Cornwall needs is more of that because that ultimately is what will deliver a better environment in Cornwall generally.

“What Cornwall needs above all else is economic activity; it needs investment, it needs jobs, and if the economy is doing better then there are more opportunities for Cornwall and its then a stronger place.”

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  • GAWker  |  May 14 2014, 5:20AM

    Sometimes the police get stuff wrong and don't do their job. They can hide behind rules and regulations. This story would seem to be just another one where the police can't or won't do their job: http://tinyurl.com/n86o4o9 One way of seeking redress from the police is to complain to the IPCC. Going down that route could lead to an appeal and if that fails a challenge by a Judicial Review. Chris Grayling seeks to reduce access and use to Judicial Reviews: http://tinyurl.com/kypugmg So just as we have PCC Tony Hogg saying his role bought about the Tories supposedly providing us with Accountability and Transparency we have Chris Grayling seeking to interfere with Judicial Reviews that can be used to help bring the police to account after they hide behind rules and regulations and drag their feet and play for time. Just like PCC Hogg, Chris Grayling is another politician that seems to represent the police rather than those that elected him. Statistics show crime is down? What was that assault on Cabbie Andy Darroch counted as on the crime statistics?

  • 0ldernotwis3r  |  May 10 2014, 9:46AM

    what does Mr Grayling know! Where was the £1 billion spent I would like to know, the tories don't care about Cornwall it's not in London or the south east

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  • break  |  May 09 2014, 6:19PM

    How can this countries economy be the fastest growing in the world and then we read about how parts of the same country are poorer than some third world countries? What has the £1 billion in grants been spent on in Cornwall? And why did does the EU seem to be doing more for Cornwall than our Government?

    |   2
  • blue_fish  |  May 09 2014, 8:04AM

    "Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have been warned of falling into a "permanent" cycle of welfare dependency by Lord Teverson" ... who receives a massive pension from Brussels (paid for by us, the tax payers) on condition that he always and everywhere supports the activities of the EU. Vote UKIP to end the insanity.

    |   2
  • eugene_morice  |  May 08 2014, 11:26PM

    "There are particular challenges- including geographic challenges and localised economic challenges, but Cornwall cannot succeed if the economy is moving in the wrong direction." That could be said about any part of the UK outside of London and the South East and as such is meaningless rhetoric. With UKIP snapping at their heels and the Euro elections days away Conservative Central Office have simply sent us down someone to shake a few hands, have a few photos taken and mumble a few platitudes. I very much doubt whether Chris Grayling's understanding of Cornwall goes beyond a short holiday some years ago and a 10 minute briefing by a civil servant on the plane on the way to Newquay ( or whatever) Why do they patronise us by sending down "grey men"?

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