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Jury out in trial of Aaron Odgers, accused of stabbing sleeping teen 15 times in the back

By CMJohannaCarr  |  Posted: December 06, 2013



THE jury is considering its verdict in the trial of a Redruth man accused of stabbing a sleeping teenager 15 times in the back while he lay in bed.

The court heard how the defendent, Aaron Odgers, 25, of Southgate Street, cannot remember the alleged attack.

He told Truro Crown Court on Wednesday that he had no recollection of stabbing the 16-year-old boy or his mother in the early hours of June 23 this year.

Odgers gave evidence during the third day of his trial at the court where he stands accused of attempting to murder the boy and unlawfully wounding his mother with the intent to do her grievous bodily harm.

He said that at the time of the stabbings he had been working at the Cornwall Animal Hospital Charity Shop as a shop assistant and that he would go out drinking with friends once or twice a month when he would drink a bottle of whiskey.

He said he had been at home watching TV on the night in question before arranging to go out and meet up with friends.

When questioned by Phillip Lee, for the Crown Prosecution Service, about the alleged stabbing he said he could not remember.

“I ask you if there was a particular reason at 1.32am for you to start trying to call your mum, do you remember that?”

Odgers responded: “No I don’t.”

Mr Lee went on to ask: “You heard the content of the 999 call made by [the mother] and we know that the call was made at 1.33am that morning. Was there nothing about the content of that call that jogged your memory of events that night?”

Odgers said: “No.”

Mr Lee previously told the court Odgers went to the boy's Redruth home on June 23 in the early hours where he found the mother asleep on the sofa.

The teenager was asleep in his bed upstairs.

Mr Lee said: "[The mother] heard someone in her kitchen. It turned out to be this defendant."

Odgers came into the living room and asked the mother if he could go upstairs to use the toilet, and she soon heard her son screaming and a thud.

Mr Lee said: "She saw the defendant descend the stairs holding a large kitchen knife. As he approached her, he thrust the knife in her face."

Odgers then thrust the knife towards her again and left the house. The mother suffered cuts to her cheek and to her left upper arm. She went upstairs, found her son and called 999.

The boy was rushed to hospital with multiple stab wounds, a punctured and collapsed lung and significant internal bleeding.

Ramsay Quaife, for the defence, put it to the mother that she had stabbed her son.

He said: "Aaron Odgers did not stab [your son] did he? Aaron Odgers did not stab you did he? Is the truth that you stabbed your son? Is the truth that you stabbed yourself?"

She denied this.

The jury retired yesterday afternoon to consider its verdict.