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What is a Holiday Home?

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: December 03, 2012

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There was a time when the holiday home; a place where you could quite literally feel like you were both at home, and on holiday all at once consisted of a timeshare apartment on the Portuguese coast. Before the dawn of the internet, holidaymakers would go away to Europe and be pestered by sweat-sheened sharks in suits who sold them the notion that anyone who was anyone had a timeshare.

It wasn’t long after, that the owners of timeshares began talking to one another about their experiences and quickly realised that the schemes they’d invested their savings or retirement funds into were not quite the opportunities to live the dream that they’d promised to be, and holiday timeshares quickly fell out of favour.

However this did nothing to dampen the spirits of the homeowner who wanted the luxury and freedom of a holiday home. What followed was a new trend, with people investing much more time and money into building their own property somewhere sunny. The allure of mainland Europe with its cheap land and cheaper builders attracted predominantly the retiree who had a sum to invest in a holiday home overseas. But then for many, much like the timeshare, the complexities of land and holiday home ownership, the language barriers between them and the builders, surveyors, financiers and solicitors means that for many, this too failed to become the sun-soaked dream it was supposed to be.

Now, having learned from the experiences of others, homeowners have made the smarter choice to invest in UK holiday homes and in the last decade, the benefits of buying British have trumped the Riviera.

So what is a holiday home now? For the majority, it seems that the static caravan, or static holiday home is the solution. These units are a far cry from the caravans we used to know. Now they are spacious, insulated and located on prime retail along Britain’s most scenic stretches of coastline, and unlike their foreign predecessors, they are easy to maintain, oversee and can be visited regularly.

It seems then that the holiday home is finally beginning to live up to its promise of being a place where not only retirees, but couples and families can escape the routine of daily life to soak up a slower pace of life and all within a drive of their own house.

If you’ve ever considered buying a caravan or investing in a holiday home now is the best time of year to investigate your options. Do your research, weigh up the costs of caravans for sale, the location you would like to have one in and the overall benefits to your quality of life. As one of the country’s market leaders for selling and locating static caravans, Haven holiday home sales advisors are a great source information, particularly when it comes to finance advice. When the holiday season starts again, you could be one of the lucky ones, checking into your own property every other weekend if it suits you or subletting it to other holidaymakers to do the same.

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