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Historic quay at Lamorna "dynamited" by powerful wave

By CMJoshBarrie  |  Posted: January 03, 2014

  • Lamorna quay in poor weather

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LAMORNA’S historic quay has been the latest piece of Cornwall to be smashed by the atrocious weather conditions.

A member of the public, who wanted to remain anonymous, has sent in a number of images showing the effects a barrage of powerful waves had on the structure - with one causing a large chunk of it to crumble.

In an email, they said: “The force of the wave suggests the quay has been dynamited.

“The lumps of granite which were dislodged by the wave can be seen lying on the surface of the remainder of the quay.”

The individual said it is Grade II listed, adding to the concern for its safety and future.

Over the Christmas and New Year period stormy weather, with high winds, heavy rain and large swells in waters across the county, have caused flooding, damaged property and widespread travel disruption.

Lamorna Cove is a privately owned site. The owner could not be reached for comment.

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  • Keithr47  |  February 24 2014, 3:46PM

    I received a ticket for a "fine" for parking at Lamorna Cove some years back. I researched the subject and discovered that only the Council has the right to issue fines and the "fine" was not legally binding as it was a civil case and the owners are not judge and jury and nor in a position to do this, if it is indeed them. It gets worse though. I then received a threatening letter at my home address telling me to pay up the "fine" or it would keep doubling. This letter came with a number of threats that they would get me in all sorts of (unenforcible) legal ways and make me destitute with massive "fines". Now, the only way these people could find my home address would be for some corrupt policeman or official to access the DVLA database. I visited Lamorna the next time I was in Cornwall and got out of my car and walked away to see who would arrive and put a ticket on my car. A very dodgy looking bloke appeared and I then confronted him about his behavior. He was very evasive and I told him what he was doing was illegal. So, are we to understand that the owners of the car park are blissfully unaware of the illegal activity going on right under their noses? Can the owner of the car park's son miss this person sticking "fines" on peoples cars from his cafe a few meters above? Only a law court or council can issue fines and parking on private property is a matter for civil law. However, issuing "fines" which are not fines at all and using corrupt officals to access private information from a government database and sending them threatening letters to pay these "fines", then that is criminal law. I suggest the boys in blue should see who has accessed the DVLA database with reference to "fines" imposed. The cheques sent to people collecting these "fines" should easily identify the corrupt people involved in this racket. Follow the money as the saying goes and you will find how is benefitting from this. It may not be the car park owners and might be rogue people cashing in. This is a matter for the police and they should now get involved and get to the bottom of this activity and find who is responsible. Until the administration of the car park has been audited and the source of the issuance of these "fines" has been unearthed and also the corrupt person who is accessing the DVLA database has been uncovered I would suggest that no one should under any cir***tances make any contribution to the repair on the quay at Lamorna.

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  • coodacure  |  February 24 2014, 2:27AM

    DON'T LET IT BE THE END OF THE QUAY My sister is married to a Cornish man from St Ives and they have lived there for 25 years or more. I visit them two or three times a year and always make my way to Lamorna Cove to fish. It was great to see the concrete repair to the gap on the key which had been damaged for several years. Unfortunately while fishing a couple of years ago we noticed a crack had formed across the key . In December last year while fishing I pointed out to my nephew and brother in law (who also fish from there) the crack had opened ( 3-5 mm ) , We could feel the movement in the quay as the waves struck . My brother in law sent me a photo of the quay broken off where the crack had been and my heart sank. Wind, Rain or Snow i have fished from the Quay and seen many people come from far and wide to Lamorna Cove . The one thing which I have observed and unites these people the must is "THEY ALL TAKE A WALK TO STAND ON THE QUAY AND VIEW THE COVE ". The quay is the history of the cove and without it there's only water and granite which Cornwall has plenty of. I have told the history of Lamorna, the quarry, the quay, the barges and the granite which was shipped to the city to many a traveller, I guess if we don't rebuild the quay they will have to read the history books. I will give whatever I canto help, money and time.

  • BSlater  |  February 08 2014, 10:21PM

    Lamorna Cove was one of my favourite places. I used to scuba dive from there and drive the long way home from college to park and enjoy the cove. Since brought by the current owners I loath the place, they are RUDE, greedy and have allowed the harbour wall to fall into disrepair. Stitch in time saves nine!!!!? I don't think many locals will show you their support, better get selling more microwaved pasties.

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  • BSlater  |  February 08 2014, 10:21PM

    Lamorna Cove was one of my favourite places. I used to scuba dive from there and drive the long way home from college to park and enjoy the cove. Since brought by the current owners I loath the place, they are RUDE, greedy and have allowed the harbour wall to fall into disrepair. Stitch in time saves nine!!!!? I don't think many locals will show you their support, better get selling more microwaved pasties.

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  • Gwiwer57  |  January 07 2014, 9:05AM

    If you can't pay or won't pay to fix historic assets then get out of Cornwall and leave Lamorna to a charitable trust to maintain for the nation. Nature has been pounding the Cornish coast for millions of years - don't blame others for your own wilful shortcomings.

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  • dee_2  |  January 04 2014, 4:14PM

    Thanks for the history lesson #lamornacove. I don't know about you but if I was buying a l Listed building or Listed structure which needed a lot or repair work, I would first ask myself the question: can I afford to carry out this work? If the answer was, no, then I wouldn't go ahead and buy it. You say "We need help now.." but who would the quay belong to if and when the work was carried out? The idea of any Listed structure is that it is recognised as being of importance to the whole nation. That is why owning a Listed structure is so important and that is why, in theory at least, local councils and |English Heritage are charged with seeing that such structures are properly maintained in the interest of everyone.

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  • lamornacove  |  January 03 2014, 11:06PM

    Dear All Lamorna cove quay As we can see, there has been a lot of interest in the quay over the last few years, so we thought it may be poignant to provide an update following the storms of Christmas and New Year 2013/14. Built in 1850 to provide shelter for boats loading granite (not to protect houses from flooding) it had a life expectancy of 100 years. Damaged in 1940 (see a Denys Law's painting) and repaired, the quay was hit again in 1961 and repaired again with concrete and then damaged again in 1989 and repaired again. Originally, the quay was 18 foot longer but due to the fact the quarries were no longer in use, the owner of the cove at the time did what he could to fix it up and keep the heritage in Lamorna. After the horrendous damage in 2006 we went on the search for help. We got a quote telling us that to restore the key to its original state would cost £1.2 million. This is far too much for any one person to pay, including all the revenue created from the car parks! Since 1950, the entire revenue from the car parks has helped fund and fix all of Lamorna cove after each yearly storm. The road has to be maintained, the beautiful gardens have to been cleaned up, sometimes even plants and trees have to be replanted, the list is endless. The cove has always been privately owned and had a "pay for" car park since 1950's and the ENTIRE revenue has ALWAYS been used to help look after the cove. Could you image after all the storms we have had, without this revenue, how the cove would have looked? Damaged in the 40's when owned by the Paynters, damaged in 61 when owned by John Daniel, the quay and the car parks damaged in 1989 when owned by Ambrose Balston, damaged again in 2006 & 2013 and with the road collapsing in 1999. All repaired to the best of the current owner's ability with revenue from the car parks and no other help. WE NOW NEED YOUR HELP, we can blame a storm on a single person but a storm is still a storm which can cause massive damage. The storm and repair of 1961 has unfortunately put any funding in jeopardy back in 2006, when we wrote an article in the Cornishman and asked for funding/help. This was not possible because the quay had been fixed with concrete. Many of the locals in Lamorna have asked how they can help and we are now asking you to help us find the funding to fix the quay or we will all just end up losing it to a great storm - and nobody wins. sally Lamorna Cove

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  • dee_2  |  January 03 2014, 11:05PM

    I think you'll find there is a statutory obligation for councils to see that Listed structures are properly maintained. Penwith DC was clearly remiss in not so doing. They commissioned a structural survey but then did nothing. The question now is what, if anything, will Cornwall Council do about this unacceptable situation?

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  • VexedKernow  |  January 03 2014, 9:32PM

    2 years ago, I believe that the owner knew and was told of his duty to repair and maintain the quay. The same is happening in Porthleven. A new owner comes along, sold off the rent making buildings, and now goes cap in hand to the council to fund repairs. This must stop. Neglect of these vital structures and facilities should be made a criminal offence.

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  • bazzerpage  |  January 03 2014, 7:38PM

    The owner of the car park deserves all he gets, he is the rudest man we have met in Cornwall!

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