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Harlem Shakers "disrespectful idiots" getting moves wrong say Harlem residents

By Emcfarnon  |  Posted: February 22, 2013

University campuses across the UK have uploaded videos of their take on the Harlem Shake

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The Harlem Shake has become an internet sensation in recent weeks, prompting students, firefighters and even washing machines to have a go. But their take on the dance form is “misinformed” and “disrespecting” the Harlem culture, residents of the US neighbourhood have said.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, residents of the New York district have slammed the imitation of the move, which they say is unrecognisable from the true Harlem Shake.

"It's an absolute mockery of what it was because there's really a sense of rhythm that goes along with it,” one resident said.

"They're playing around with it, they're not taking it serious what it really is," said another.

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"People making a fool of themselves rubbing on each other but it's not the Harlem Shake,” one local maintained.

Meanwhile another explained: "It's actually an art form, a dance art form, that doesn't have the respect that it should deserve.”

"It looks like they're making fun of it,” said one resident after watching a comical Harlem Shake video.

"It's an injustice," one resident cried. His friend said: "They're disrespecting the Harlem swag cos number one Harlem wouldn't be dressing like this. I feel like this is really a violation towards Harlem and anybody that's in Harlem”.

Residents said if the stars of the comical videos were to bust those moves in Harlem USA, "y'all would get hurt”.

The internet’s Harlem Shakers were labelled “misinformed” and “a bunch of idiots”.

The video of Harlem residents reacting to the internet craze, seen below, has been viewed more than three million times:

The online craze, dubbed the Gangnam Style of 2013, sees one dancer gently bopping away to Baauer's ‘Harlem Shake’ before the bassline drops and the scene cuts to everyone in the room frantically throwing themselves around.

No specific moves are required but many wear fancy dress and others don hats and helmets - with comedic results.

Baauer's YouTube sensation is the first beneficiary of a policy which allows viral sensations to become hit records. A change to the rules of the US singles chart has sent Harlem Shake to No 1.

Clips of families, students and workers doing the Harlem Shake have been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

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