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Handball in Cornwall

By Jürgen Koenen Grafik & Webdesign / Handball Coaching  |  Posted: February 11, 2013

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"It was one of the surprise attractions at the London 2012 Olympics, the sport of 

handball. Very few people had seen it on such a big scale before, particular in this country. " With these words Ross Ellis from the BBC Cornwall Sports Desk introduced his guests Jamie Tresidder, Handball Coach and Jürgen Koenen, very 

experience German Handball coach, two weeks ago, to present the efforts to set up handball in Cornwall.

So what is Handball?


is a very fast, all action, virtually non-stop, spectacular game played

competitively indoors. Rival teams of 7 players play on a 40x20 metre

'field'. Outfield players are not allowed to set foot inside the

keepers' 6m semi-circle area - though they can jump inside but must

shoot or pass before they touch the ground.

In general, everyone attacks and everyone defends.

When in defence, players form up around the circle and try to keep the

offence away from the goal, this can get quite physical. The offense

plays the ball around fast looking to create an opening for a player

shoot and score. This might be a 60mph throw from a back player or a

tick shot from a winger. 

Players jumping around the goal area, balls

flying here there and everywhere, players catching and throwing in one

movement... all this can happen in 1 minute! This is the fascination of

handball, never a dull moment.

Imagine all this plus the

incredible atmosphere in a 16000 sell-out indoor arena like the final of

the World Championships last month. Spain smashed a quality Denmark

side, in case you were wondering.

Handball in Cornwall?


is huge in Europe, for the last 10 years Olympic champions France have

been the best team in the World. London 2012 was the first ever major

tournament for an English team. It was an experience, and the guys did

us proud, but we want more! This is where you could come in...

With the support of the England

Handball Association, last October Cornwall's first ever Handball team

started up in Newquay. This coincided with the arrival of Jürgen Koenen

to Cornwall. Jürgen has played at a higher level in Germany,

and has coached from beginner to professional level, he now brings his

expertise to Cornwall. Sessions are structured for fun, energy, fitness,

and of course Handball tutoring. Everyone is welcome to come along,

regardless of experience or even knowledge of the rules - they are easy

to pick up as you go along. 

First session is free, so contact Jürgen at http://www.handball.juergenkoenen.co.uk  @handballcoackUK, Jamie Tresidder @KernowHandball, or Geoff geoffmuskett@googlemail.com, or join the Cornwall Handball group on Facebook http://on.fb.me/123BEbA

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