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Green Party leader gives her support to calls for a Cornish Assembly

By RWhitehouse  |  Posted: May 03, 2014

Emily McIvor, Dick Cole and Natalie Bennett at the signing of the declaration

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THE Green Party has given its backing to calls for more powers to be devolved to Cornwall and the creation of a Cornish Assembly.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett visited Cornwall this week and met with Mebyon Kernow leader Dick Cole to give her backing to the calls for more devolution.

Natalie said: “The Green Party is committed to the devolution of power, so that decisions get taken at the most appropriate local level. It’s for the people of Cornwall to decide in a referendum how much power they want to take back from Westminster.

“We are impressed with the collaborative approach Mebyon Kernow has taken in inviting people to join a consultation on the form an Assembly might take.

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“They have set out their views on how an Assembly for Cornwall might work, but are also asking people to think about what they want. Our local parties in Cornwall will be taking part in the process and we urge everyone who cares about democracy to do the same.”

Natalie was joined on her visit by Emily McIvor one of the Green Party’s candidates in the forthcoming European election.

Dick Cole said: “It was a real pleasure to meet with Natalie and Emily to discuss a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues, including the need for democratic reform and the devolution of political power to Cornwall. I am particularly pleased that they have reaffirmed the Green Party’s strong support for the establishment of a Cornish Assembly.”

Following the meeting the leaders went to County Hall where Natalie signed a declaration to support MK’s calls for a Cornish Assembly.

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  • rickoon  |  May 03 2014, 7:57PM

    "Europe recognised the Cornish before London did, who knows what might happen if we leave the EU."……… This goes for the Gypsy communities as well who have had minority status now for a few years and don't wish to lose it.

    |   1
  • break  |  May 03 2014, 7:16PM

    It was the European Courts that granted Cornwall Minority Status, not the British Government, London played every trick in the book to stop us from gaining the status. Cornwall has to keep fighting for more power over its affairs, just to keep everything in the limelight, its when everything has calmed down that all the dirty tricks will start to be played. All politicans have ulterior motives for doing what they do, but people interpret these differently and each politican will use this confusion to try to move things into his favour. The best thing people can do is keep each other informed of any events or rumours and continue to distrust the politicans for the criminals they are. And try to keep Cornwall in the public eye so everyone can see what I'm sure is being thought up at this moment. I can see where Mebyon Kernow is coming from by wanting to stay in the EU, Europe recognised the Cornish before London did, who knows what might happen if we leave the EU. Cue Cameron telling us if we leave the EU we may lose our new Minority Status.

  • rickoon  |  May 03 2014, 11:09AM

    It must be said the leader of MK Mr Cole, putting it politely, is not very photogenic, and in politics you leave no stone unturned, a good front person is all important…. And Luke_Angove Keep well out the way if you want to help Cornwall and the people of Cornwall.

    |   -3
  • Anyone  |  May 03 2014, 10:51AM

    @Luke_Angove You are an embarrassment to both Cornwall and Mebyon Kernow you really need to get out more!!!!

    |   27
  • blue_fish  |  May 03 2014, 6:50AM

    @Luke_Angove "Kernow on the march to independence" - by remaining in the European Union. Mebyon Euro are committed to membership of the EU. That means continuing mass immigration to the UK, house prices beyond the reach of local people, mass unemployment, scab labour imported by foreign gangmasters for jobs that aren't even advertised locally. A vote for the Toytown Nationalists (just another Euroquisling party) is a vote for more of the same.

    |   17
  • Luke_Angove  |  May 02 2014, 11:09PM

    More proof, not that any were needed, that Kernow is on the march to independence!!!

    |   -28