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'God can restore the dream of marriage'

By West Briton  |  Posted: November 15, 2012

By David Ward

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WHY is it that those who can often don't, while others are desperate for the opportunity?

Could marriage be compared to the Olympic gold medal that we would all love to attain, but the commitment, dedication and singleness of purpose required makes it much easier to sit in the stands and settle for less.

Could it be that we are designed to be joined together in this level of commitment (called marriage) that involves body, soul and spirit?

I believe that is why many who were not allowed to marry crave it so much. The Daily Express – light reading on holiday, recently reported the following statistics: men and women living outside of marriage in 1996 1.5 million; now 2.9 million.

Single parents now 2 million. Married couples now 12.2 million.

This year 38 per cent of married couples have dependent children compared with 39 per cent of opposite sex cohabiting couples.

It also reported that one study found that 50 per cent of women who had their first child in a cohabiting relationship will be lone, unmarried mothers within ten years.

How do we prevent such a waste of love and dreams and even people's self-worth?

How can we help the next generation not to suffer the same disappointments and isolation because a committed marriage is still the gold medal for most people?

Some would say redefine marriage but that's like taking the gold medal out of the Olympics and giving everyone a plastic medal whether they participated or watched.

How do we help people today whose dreams have been broken to dream again? How does God feel about the broken-hearted, because marriage was his idea?

One of the reasons Jesus was sent to the Earth was to tell people about the Kingdom of God, how he heals the broken-hearted, brings liberty to people who are captive and sets at liberty those who are oppressed.

God is the ultimate dream-maker but he is also the healer and restorer of dreams.

Wherever you are in your journey – let Jesus be part of it.

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