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Gales batter Cornwall overnight - but weather to improve this afternoon

By CG_Steve  |  Posted: December 30, 2013

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CORNWALL was battered by gales and torrential rain overnight with some gusts on the coast reportedly reaching 80mph.

The Met Office says the situation is likely to improve this afternoon, with the weather becoming drier and brighter, before strong winds return overnight and into tomorrow.

The top temperature today will be 11 °C.

Motorists are warned to be careful of surface water.

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  • DipStick  |  December 30 2013, 7:07PM

    What can I say? It's winter. You get cold, wet and windy weather in the winter. Sometimes it's worse than than other winters. Sometimes it's not as bad. Nothing to do with 'freak' weather; nothing to do with 'climate change' (that is, nothing to do with anything that 'man' is doing) and all to do with the world's fiendishly complicated weather systems of which man is still mostly ignorant! DS

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  • D-Head  |  December 30 2013, 12:43PM

    #Mennaye. You are probably right in what you say and we are experiencing more freak weather events. Whether or not this is, as the tree-huggers would have us believe, a direct result of man-made (anthropogenic) global warming, is debateable. However, the worst way to deal with freak weather events and possible climate change, is to start smothering the countryside with houses as 'the greenest government ever' has been doing since it came into office. Build on low lying ground you are asking to be flooded. Build on higher ground and surface water run-off is increased considerably, increasing flood risk at lower levels. Open fields and woodland are the best natural drainage we have. It's about time people woke up to what this ConDem government is doing to harm all of our futures with its build, build, build agenda.

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  • Mennaye  |  December 30 2013, 11:18AM

    When is all this going to end, or at least give us a long period without gales and storms? It was Late September when all this started with gales from then and right through to now with winds up to 30- 60MPH. Also since late November we have had storms with winds up to 70-90MPH. looking back over the whole year apart from July and August every month we have had Gales. Back in May despite a very good start to the month with very warm weather for the 1st week, the rest of May was unsettled with gales, and June was the same a good sunny start, but most of the month was again unsettled with gales. We then had 2 very good months of weather in July and August the best for many years, before all these gales started in late September? This is definitely the worst year that I can remember for the amount of storms and gales we have had, and apart from the tail end of the 1997 storm, I have to say this is the worst year for the strength of the storms we have had recently to that I can also remember? I have a good memory for most things before anyone say anything?

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