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Free half hour parking across Cornwall to boost trade

By WBGraeme  |  Posted: February 25, 2014

Apply by a mobile to get the free half hour parking

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DRIVERS are being offered free half hour parking at all Cornwall council car parks next month to try and boost shopping.

The move comes after businesses have called on the council to help encourage people back into town centres.

The proposal is that drivers can apply for a free half an hour and that the scheme will run between March 1 and April 20.

Councillor Bert Biscoe, responsible for transport at the council, said: “It is very important that car parks should contribute to the competitive environment of our town centres, and that the council should manage the car parks to support local businesses.

“These trials are an effort to understand what measures, when and in which places, we can use in future to enhance trading, improve accessibility for people needing to come into town centres for services, and to sustain car parks income to contribute to the maintenance of the road network.”

He said it was too expensive to change all the pay and display machines so people have to register with on a mobile phone payment service to get their free half hour.

Although the system is easy to use, first time users will have to give initial information and may find it easier to register online at www.ringgo.co.uk.

Other measures in place to support town centres include a trial of a £1 evening charge after 6pm in Penzance, Newquay and Falmouth. Members of the public can also park for £1 after 4pm in some short stay car parks in Truro and St Austell, while some other towns have free parking after 4pm.

Check the details on tariff boards in individual car parks for more information.

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  • TWINSCREW  |  February 26 2014, 3:18PM

    "josdave" I can not understand why have you been marked down for a perfectly sensible post, half an hour is not enough time to shop, also, how much is the mobile cost, and what will happen when you arrive back a couple of minutes late? I have said before, I will not shop anywhere where I have to pay for it as I feel I pay enough rates and road tax to cover it.

  • Gonky  |  February 26 2014, 3:26AM

    I suppose it will be handy for if I need to collect something or return a item to a shop without having to park miles away especially if it is a large or heavy item. I have parked in town for a very shorts ammount of time like the time I was getting my phone back from the shop, it didnt take long to get back but i was worrying about getting a ticket the whole time. Iv know people to get tickets in such a short ammount of time. half a hour free parking in the main car parks will not be enough. 1 hour will be much more useful. Penzance is a small town and cant really hold a lot of cars in the center without it inturuping other trafic. Iv driven up a few times and it has been clogged up especially when there are buses through the day. Every time I drive through penzance I see more and more empty shops. Having some good useful shops would would help and making it more desirable. Most are pretty useless. I feel that it doesnt have a lot to offer, specially to its locals.

  • MarjProops  |  February 25 2014, 10:16PM

    It's a great idea to encourage more people into town centres as opposed to the out of town retail parks where parking is FREE already and where you get more than just half an hour. However, I feel it's a gimmick as the hoops you have to jump through with mobile phone etc will almost certainly put off many of those who could benefit the most. If I wanted half an hour in the shops I couldn't be bothered with making a telephone call etc etc. In my view car parking should be made free and the admin and maintenance of the car parks paid for out of business rates. After all it's the businesses that benefit from having the car parks in the town centres and they pay enough in business rates they should get something in return.

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  • josdave  |  February 25 2014, 3:12PM

    Not enough. My partner who is disabled would not be able to get to St Austell centre and back in half an hour from either of the car parks so could not do even the quickest shop in that time. An hour would be more like it

    |   -10
  • tim_bucktoo  |  February 25 2014, 2:21PM

    And at the other end of Manchester's Tram system in Altrincham (Trafford), our council owned carpark's cost 10p for 1hr, 30p for 2hrs, 70p for 3hrs or £2.50 for 4hrs+. Absolute bargain!!

    |   11
  • drewgee  |  February 25 2014, 12:33PM

    Up here in the not so sunny Bury Gtr Manchester, some car parks, you get an hour free! and your right next to the world famous Bury market!! black puddings and stuff. I do think that if your council want to make an improvement to the high streets they would have to do better than 30 minuets! Why not try high St and market car parks free for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hrs. but put the price up by 50p on the park and ride schemes in the holiday season. and use parking disk for local people, just like the disabled drivers clock, but a different colour. We in Rawtenstall have this method to show the time you arrived, and I think you get 2 hours.

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  • cornwall999  |  February 25 2014, 12:06PM

    This will not attract shoppers and feel Cornwall Council has failed to recognized the implications of lost revenue for all traders around our town centres simply for greed . I cannot understand after the Minister Eric Pickles made it very clear in Parliament that car parking should "not" be used as a cash cow to fleece the motorist. The hypocrisy gets worse .... Its only going for a period of March 1st /April the 20th Easter Sunday . Hey can you guess what happens then ? fleece the visitors off with increase revenue for parking. I will be writing to the minister of this massive income you already generate across Cornwall per year. "WHAT A DISGRACE" Shirley Sweeney

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  • robzrob  |  February 25 2014, 11:52AM

    In relation to Pz Harbour Car Park: half an hour would barely give you time to get to Market Jew Street & back, let alone DO anything.

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  • DipStick  |  February 25 2014, 8:49AM

    A bigger boost would be to let everybody have 4 hours free. That would mean no commuters but lots of shoppers. Ooops! And not so much income for CC. Damn. Forgot that parking fees are all about fleecing the motorist and ensuring their expense stream and not to help the council tax payer! DS

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      Will giving motorists half an hour's free parking in council car parks help boost trade for Cornwall's high streets?