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Fans of Poldark unhappy with choice of Aidan Turner for starring role

By cg_ailsam  |  Posted: March 15, 2014

  • Actor, Aidan Turner set to star in the Poldark series as Ross Poldark

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FANS of Cornish TV drama Poldark have said they are unhappy with the choice of Aidan Turner as one of the series’ lead actors.

Irish actor Turner will take on the role of Ross Poldark, first made famous by Robin Ellis - but followers of the show say he is not the right man for the role, claiming he is too young.

The original Poldark series gripped the nation in the 1970s with up to 15 million viewers at its peak.

And Winston Graham's darkly romantic tale set in Cornwall has continued to fascinate readers and viewers for decades – and the remake is set to hit our screens next year.

Turner, who was born in Dublin, has played roles in the The Hobbit and supernatural drama series Being Human as well as leading roles in television dramas, such as Desperate Romantics.

Val Adams, founder of Poldark Appreciation Society said: “May I politely point out that the fans of Poldark - at least 85 percent of them - are not happy with the choice of Aidan Turner.

“I am sure he is a great actor, although most had never heard of him, and a very nice person, but Ross Poldark he ain't.

“He looks as though he's just finished college and nothing like a soldier returning from war-torn America. I've got a great imagination but it doesn't stretch that far.

“It goes without saying that any actor would have a hard task following Robin Ellis' interpretation of Ross but an older and a more masculine actor would have stood a better chance. A lamb to the slaughter comes to mind.

“A new, young audience will probably enjoy the new series whereas the viewers of the original series may have to listen, rather than watch it.”

In February, the BBC announced a new adaptation of the series, set for broadcast in 2015.

The novels tell the tale of Ross Poldark who loses his fiancée to his cousin and consequently marries his servant.

The original Ross Poldark - Robin Ellis, now a chef who specialises in diabetic recipes, told the Cornish Guardian previously: "Congratulations to him - I hope he has as much fun as we did filming this wild and wonderful saga written in 12 books over a 60-year period by Winston Graham.

“Forty-years-ago this November I went for the first of three auditions for the part, knowing little about Winston Graham and less of the books.

"A brief glance at the first book of the saga, Ross Poldark, was enough. I seriously wanted him to be me or vice versa.

“I had to go through two more nail-biting sessions in front of producer and directors before finding myself in the position Aidan is in today."

Mr Ellis said that Poldark's time had come again and that the "unashamedly romantic tale" could be told again "with a straight face".

Mr Ellis paid tribute to the author of the Poldark novels.

He said: "Aidan and I share a common debt to Winston, for giving us the chance to play a difficult, contrary, complex man often out of his time.

"It's a rollercoaster of a ride."

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  • kellymae50  |  March 22 2014, 12:23AM

    Completely agree with everyone below, as a fan in canada i think aidan turner is great casting. hope i don't have to wait 3 years to see the program,

    |   9
  • JeremyBadger  |  March 18 2014, 12:13PM

    Val Adams talks a load of tripe! Who is she to comment on the suitability of someone more qualified than her to undertake the role?

    |   11
  • wassail0103  |  March 16 2014, 11:06PM

    Well I can assure you that in my neck of the woods (Australia), we are absolutely thrilled with Aidan's casting as Ross and are very excited about the new series. I don't believe in this 85% stuff, no idea where she came up with this figure - I have many friends across the world who are Poldark fans and we are very happy indeed.

    |   12
  • Lynn_Mills  |  March 16 2014, 10:58PM

    " ... at least 85 percent of them - are not happy with the choice of Aidan Turner ..." From all the comments on Poldark Facebook pages, when this was first announced, I'd never have thought that statistic was correct. It's a horrible article, hope Aidan's not seen it (or just ignores it). Robin Ellis has congratulated Aidan. Andrew Graham, author Winston Graham's son, is quoted in an article saying "I am delighted at the choice of Aidan Turner as Ross, as I am sure my father would have been. Ross in the novels was a man of dark good looks, impulsive temperament, strong loyalties and deep emotions. I am greatly looking forward to seeing Aidan bring all these qualities freshly to life." Aidan was Debbie Horsfield's first choice for the role (script writer). It's a mean and nasty comment to make when we've not seen Aidan in the role yet. My 17-year-old son, Ross, says Aidan was good in The Hobbit (I saw that film but didn't pay enough attention to comment). I read the Poldark books, watched the TV series in the 70s, and 18 years ago named my daughter, Demelza, so therefore consider myself a fan. I wasn't asked my opinion on the casting of Aidan, so think there's more than 15% of us who are happy.

    |   18
  • prudprud  |  March 16 2014, 6:34PM

    85% not happy? That's total bs. I've seen nothing but positive comments across the many sites and Facebook pages. Considering that Ross needs to look in his early 20s I dont see how an "Older and more masculine" actor would do the part any favours. Aidan will be great!

    |   20
  • jnmth  |  March 16 2014, 6:09PM

    85% of how many people ? I think he'll be great and not stuck in the past either....

    |   17
  • Tony248  |  March 16 2014, 10:05AM

    The people who, presumably, get paid for administration of this website are even bigger frauds than the scammer below. I think here are now more scammers posting than genuine readers. What do the useless idiots do about it? NOTHING.

    |   6
  • BHawkey  |  March 15 2014, 9:48PM

    I'm a fan of Poldark and I think its great casting and there are many twitter/facebook users who agree. I don't know where this 85% came from. Did she undertake research? I think not. Misleading report

    |   25
  • Doitdreckley  |  March 15 2014, 7:26PM

    In the books Ross returns from war in his early 20s. This guy looks the same age so no problem.

    |   22