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FITNESS BLOG and competition: Combine nutrition and training

By luke_collins  |  Posted: March 13, 2013

Maximuscle FREE support.

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Good afternoon everyone, 

I hope you have all recovered from the past two days of freezing weather. It's hard to even think it's spring (according to the Met Office)!

I run a set of classes in Newquay (The Sports Training Academy) that are based around Cross-Training and we have just secured a link with a huge company, Maximuscle.

CrossFit is basically using functional movement to put us in the best shape of our lives. It combines Olympic lifting, kettlebells, gymnastics, running and rowing.

The reason I love it so much is that no two sessions are the same and you never know what you are going to be doing that day.

Check out the CrossFit HQ website for more information.

People often ask me how to get a 'beach body' or six-pack all too late in the year.

To get it right you really have to start now! To get you ready for the summer months I would like to give away a prize to help you get in shape for the summer.

Two lucky readers can win 6 weeks of one-on-one training, nutritional support and training advice. This could give you the kick start you need to a new healthier you! This support will be run from Koncept Gym Newquay

What will you win?

1) Pre Training body analysis - body fat, height, weight, blood pressure and resting heart rate - pre/post training photos.

2) Pre Training Fitness Test

3) One-on-one training - this will be at least 2 one-on-one sessions a week with me.
4) Invitation to Cross Training classes

5) Nutritional evaluation and constant support  

How do you apply?

1) Click this link to the The Sports Training Academy  and Koncept Gym Newquay like the pages (applications sent by people that are not on these pages will not be looked at.

2) E-mail your application to luke.collins82@gmail.com with why you wish to win one of these places and your training background if any. Please include a head-and -shoulders photo of yourself.

3) Keep your eyes on the 2 Facebook pages as to who has been selected

4) Be prepared to help with promotions - video interviews etc.

5) Please only apply if you are going to see out the 6 weeks with 100% commitment and enthusiasm. 
Training will start on Tuesday April 2nd until Tuesday 14th May. Sessions could be from 7am to 7.30pm, we will tailor the sessions around you.

This is a great opportunity for 2 people in Cornwall, I will post the link for this Blog on Facebook and Twitter so please share and re-tweet.

Have a great week, Luke Collins.

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