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FITNESS BLOG: The Return of Luke Collins

By luke_collins  |  Posted: January 15, 2013

Luke Collins

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Hello and welcome to the return of my blog. Some of you may remember my blogs from 2009 when I was writing about my days as a professional rugby player with the Cornish Pirates.

Fast Forward 4 years and here we are! A lot has happened in that time... I have returned to my home Club of Redruth RFC and am running a CrossFit style gym in Newquay (X-Fit Newquay). But more importantly on the 28th of October 2011 I became a Dad to my gorgeous twin Sons Jack and Charlie.

I have been kindly asked to return to write a Health and Fitness style blog to help you keep up to date with current training methods and also dietary advice. I personally feel that on the Internet there is far too much information on how to be healthy and how to keep fit, so much so it's confusing. But the main concern is the abundance of poor information out there that leaves us all scratching our heads... even myself!

My aim is to be a one stop shop on advice for everything health and fitness, a place where you can ask questions and get some great un complicated advice no matter what your goals are. I will also aim to dispel myths around so called 'healthy' foods and also 'healthy' children's foods and drinks.

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Since I became a Dad I never realised how much rubbish companies put into these food and brand them as 'healthy'. We are inadvertently turning our little ones into sugar addicts before their first birthday!

I think the main question is 'where do I start?'

I think myths around so called healthy food is a great way to start!

So what do we think is a healthy balanced meal? Do we fall into the trap of believing what the media tells us is healthy?

If you are like me running a busy life and several jobs then sometimes diet goes out the window and we find ourselves living off sandwiches from supermarkets, bags of crisps and fizzy drinks. What if I told you this quick and easy meal could contribute to a variety of health issues including diabetes, obesity and even more scary, cancer!

How can this be?

You have just fallen into the biggest trap that companies set up for us....

Your chicken mayo sandwich with low fat mayonnaise is a unhealthy option! Why? Because the process that they put this food through to remove the natural fats and salts from food makes it devoid of any nutritional value.

Even worse the chemicals they put in to replace sugars/fats has a vastly more detrimental effect within our bodies.

There is no bigger example that the "diet drinks". Did you know these drinks contribute more to obesity and diabetes than a regular drink!

Although please don't get carried away thinking I am telling you to replace all of your fluids with full fat soft drinks.

The chemicals they put into diet drinks to make them taste sweeter are 200 times sweeter than sugar (making it cheaper to produce) and also your body reacts to this chemical agent as if it was sugar... but there isn't any sugar in your body? So what happens? The body will release extra insulin!

If you constantly have a stream of this into your body (like drinking diet drinks all day) then you will ruin your body's ability to know when or when not to release insulin making you a type 2 diabetic (it is more complex, but I won't go too in depth) not only could it make you a diabetic it is also a direct link to obesity.

In short your diet drink makes you fatter with type 2 diabetes and to top it off you get addicted to the sweeteners making you prone to cancer. That bottle of water is becoming more appealing isn't it!

I know this may seem a bit much and maybe I could have looked at the health benefits of broccoli instead, but I don't feel this would address our nations addictions with refined sugary foods.

At the end of each blog I am going to put a short 4-12min workout to help boost your energy levels, immune system and also to help you tone up and lose weight!

These workouts you will be able to do at home with NO equipment, so there shouldn't be any excuses. If you get stuck on what exercises are please feel free to leave a comment and I will either explain or send you a link to a short video that can explain it for me.

Today's workout is a nice short 4min workout:

spend 1 min doing each exercise, no rest inbetween and make sure you write down your scores... we will use these scores at a later date.

1min of squats (no weight) use a chair to measure how far down to go. Only touch the chair with your bum... don't actually sit on it.

1min of push ups. If you can't do a full press up then go onto your knees.

1min of Burpee's you will love these. Ensure your chest touches the floor on each repetition

1min of crunches. Not the chocolate bar type.... ha ha

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I have helped dispel any so called healthy myths and given you a good workout at the end! I welcome any feedback you may have. If there is anything you would like my views upon please feel free to leave a question and I will get back to you in my next blog.

Thanks for reading

Luke, Jack and Charlie Collins.

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