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Election date fixed to replace disability row councillor Collin Brewer

By CGGayle  |  Posted: July 20, 2013

Former Cornwall Councillor for Wadebridge East Collin Brewer

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An election will be held on September 5 to replace the former Cornwall Councillor for Wadebridge East Collin Brewer.

Mr Brewer resigned earlier this month after he was found guilty of breaching the Councillors’ Code of Conduct, for what Cornwall Council said were “grossly offensive” comments about disabled children following an interview he gave to the Disability News Service.

The Wadebridge East division extends beyond the town boundary to include two wards from the neighbouring parishes of Egloshayle (North ward) and St Kew (St Kew Highway ward).

The Notice of Election is due to be published on Wednesday July 31 with the list of candidates standing for election published by Tuesday August 13.

A representative from Cornwall Council said nomination packs are being prepared and will be available from the Liskeard office from Thursday 25 July.

Members of the public have until midnight on Tuesday August 20 to register to vote in the by election.

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  • clivegsd  |  July 28 2013, 2:32PM

    @Cheryll. It seems like the police chose to go for the option where Brewer wouldn't get punished, possibly the 'old boys network'? We shall see as I've asked why they didn't go after him using discrimination as their starting point. The same should have been asked of the council. The bit about public order offences was from the reply I got from Superintendent Jim Pearce after I contacted him. He also said should more proof become known they will look at things again. But the police are like most other parts of society right now and not interested in the well-being of disabled people I did ask the council if it would be different if Brewer had said 'all black kids should be put down' and they said it was hypothetical and they couldn't or wouldn't answer. To which I replied that before Brewer had said disabled children should be put down it would also have been hypothetical to ask, it didn't stop a councillor saying it though.

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  • Cheryll  |  July 28 2013, 2:21PM

    Clivegsd - that bit you quoted from the Public Order law probably explains another reason why the police couldn't do anything. Mr Brewer didn't aim his comments at an individual person. It was a generalisation.

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  • Cheryll  |  July 28 2013, 2:16PM

    Cornishandy - you pointed out Mr Brewer needed four police to assist him. Well if we were such a threat to everyone why did we only need ONE policeman at our protest in Wadebridge? ONE. The most he had to do was stop the traffic when we were crossing roads. Narries - you have the right to vote for whoever you want and we have the right to protest. We both should be grateful because in some countries you would not have a choice of who you vote for and we wouldn't have the right to protest. This is why we are a democracy. We protested but it was the investigation by Cornwall Council that made Mr Brewer's position impossible. He told us numerous times he wasn't going to resign. And for those who say that Mr Brewer is being hounded. You ought to go on to Twitter. I received a tweet from a group who I have never heard of who are not local asking me if I had any questions for Mr Brewer because they were going to track him down. I, and two others who have been part of the protest suggested that they leave things be. He has resigned. That should be the end of it. They then tweeted back asking why they should leave him alone. The three of us made it very clear that they should not peruse this any further and if they do, they do it without us. I personally haven't heard from them since and long may that continue. I have no idea what they decided to do. If they pursue it and get into trouble that's their fault.

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  • clivegsd  |  July 28 2013, 1:38PM

    @cornishandy- My sincere apologies for my dyslexia, normally I copy and paste the names of people I reply to but this commenting software is rubbish to use and I relied on how I 'saw' your username. My fault entirely and no offence was meant. All other replies except the spelling of your name stand regardless of my spelling. No one is complaining to the police but feel free to be the first and most likely only complainant.

  • cornishandy  |  July 28 2013, 1:21PM

    I'm a person with a protected characteristic. So kindly stop the sexist insults regarding my name. You really have no idea at all. I don't know if anyone picked it up but it took four policemen to protect Mr Brewer at his last council meeting and he hasn't really done anything much. It is all due to the hatred stirred up by these sad, misguided people. I would urge supporters of Mr Brewer to contact the police and complain about this constant bullying of Mr Brewer. Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

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  • clivegsd  |  July 28 2013, 11:35AM

    Discrimination can come in one of the following forms: direct discrimination - treating someone with a protected characteristic less favourably than others. indirect discrimination - putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone, but that put someone with a protected characteristic at an unfair disadvantage. harassment - unwanted behaviour linked to a protected characteristic that violates someone's dignity or creates an offensive environment for them. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Public order act- Public Order Act of 1986, specifically Section 4a. This is an offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, intending for those words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress thereby. The law states that the person who is 'harassed, alarmed or distressed' must be within the sight or hearing of those words or behaviour. In this case, the words used only become known to you after they were published in the press and not at the time they were uttered. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I am sorry the use of Brewer's thought process has upset you cornishlady, now think what it does to people who have had disabled children. You cannot defend the man no matter how you try.

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  • cornishandy  |  July 28 2013, 11:15AM

    What you lot know about disability rights, or any rights for that matter can be written on the back of a stamp. Thank you for the opportunity to show you up in your true colours. I hope that readers of these hallowed portals will take note and act accordingly.

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  • clivegsd  |  July 28 2013, 10:56AM

    * couple of words have disappeared, should read* - I fail to understand why a single (supposedly disabled person,

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  • clivegsd  |  July 28 2013, 10:53AM

    Right, then cornishlady you shouldn't be here 'you should be dead, so should any children you might have or had. You should have been put down or aborted at birth because you are a drain on the public finances'. Not my view but the view of Collin Brewer. My view- as would likely be the view of every disabled person and carer, is that disabled people should be protected from bigots like Brewer. I fail to understand why a single (supposedly, the anonymity internet allows people to make claims about being something when they are not) would support Brewer, because that is what you are doing. FTR, I contacted the police down there to complain about Brewer being let off, seems they tried to do him under a public order offence rather than anything to do with discrimination, which is what he should have been charged with. Oh, and contrary to claims on here there are no investigations into people posting about Bigot BANG-BANG Brewer or even received a single complaint

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  • John_Dee  |  July 28 2013, 8:52AM

    @cornishandy - Given that you have repeatedly told posters that just because they have a disabled child/disabled wife/are disabled themselves, that it does not make their opinion any more valid, I think that we can agree that whether or not clivegsd is disabled is completely irrelevant.

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