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Drugs raids in South East Cornwall are "really positive" say police

By cg_ailsam  |  Posted: March 10, 2014

  • Police raid pubs in South East Cornwall for drugs inspections

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POLICE say that raids in pubs throughout South East Cornwall have been “really positive” after no drug users were found.

A total of 14 police officers and one passive sniffer dog undertook drug inspections throughout five pubs in Torpoint, Tideford and Liskeard on Saturday.

The police are working with partner agencies such as Addaction, a drug and alcohol treatment charity in the Pubs Against Drugs (PAD) scheme to decrease drug use in Cornwall.

No-one was found with drugs on them during the inspection but the swabs of the toilets completed by officers will be sent for analysis.

Inspector Dan Ivey, who polices South East Cornwall said: “Tonight has been really positive because it shows that the work that we have been doing has been working.

“It has been a real success and shows that the pubs are being run properly.”

In the last year from March 2013 to March 2014 the total crime in South East Cornwall has reduced by 8.7 percent with 312 less crimes overall than last year, according to figures from the police.

Violence with injury has declined by 8.3 percent in that time.

Inspector Ivey said: “Heroin use is a problem in Liskeard - there is a direct correlation of drug use with crime.

“People will commit offences to fund drug habits, which has a huge impact on people.

“Tonight is based on intelligence, violence and drugs problems - communities want to see more police officers tackling the problem.

“South East Cornwall is a really safe place to live. My responsibility is to make sure it stays that way.”

He added: “It’s part of a wider initiative that we do-the licensees asked us to do this.

“We need people to know that they can have a pint without people doing drugs.”

The Rod and Line Inn in Tideford was the first pub to be inspected for drugs unannounced, and the landlord was not too pleased.

Inspector Ivey said after the first inspection: “I think sometimes the problem with when we do an operation like this is that the landlord wanted notice that this was going to happen.

“Sometimes landlords need to be reminded that there are licensing rules.”

The Standard Inn in Torpoint was the second pub to be inspected and the sniffer dog went round each person with its handler.

Bob Moores, who was drinking in the pub at the time of the inspection said: “It’s nice to see them - it’s the first time I have seen so many police officers.

“It shows community presence - they should do it more often.”

The next three pubs to be inspected were in Liskeard, at The Red Lion, The Albion and The White Horse.

Paul Sargeant, 47, of Liskeard who was drinking at The Red Lion said: “People live their lives differently but the law is the law - I doubt it’s helpful for Liskeard.”

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  • formulafreddy  |  March 11 2014, 6:53AM

    So raiding the houses of people who aren't doing anything illegal is "really positive", is it?

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