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Double yellow lines painted across driveway in Redruth

By West Briton  |  Posted: July 18, 2013

  • Residents of Trefusis Road in Redruth examine the yellow lines that have recently been painted, from left, Stephen Webber, Geraldine Mulgrew and Paulette Webber, above, and Geraldine Mulgrew, inset.

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A DISPUTE between residents and Cornwall Council over parking restrictions has created a tale worthy of a "soap opera" – resulting in double yellows being painted across a single private driveway.

The original plans were for a 27-metre stretch of lines along part of Trefusis Road in Redruth.

Following more than 40 written objections from residents the result was a 7m 'No Waiting' section across a single drive, which it is illegal to block anyway.

Geraldine Mulgrew, who lives on Trefusis Road, said: "This is a result, that we have not lost our three parking spaces, but we are still incensed at the waste of money which could be spent on other services.


"What has it cost the taxpayer to merely stop people from parking in front of someone's drive?

"Also, they have now set a precedent and how much is that going to cost?"

George Morris, who visits family on Trefusis Road, said: "If you put it in a soap opera you wouldn't believe it. It's unbelievable."

"You have to laugh or you'd cry at the amount of money they are wasting."

Last August, Cornwall Council issued a public notice giving details of the proposal for 'No Waiting' lines as part of a wider package of parking restrictions in nearby roads.

Cornwall Council said: "While there was broad support for the restrictions on many of the other roads in Redruth, many of the residents in Trefusis Road opposed the scheme.

"In taking the results of the consultation into account, the previous councillor for that area agreed for the double yellow lines to be installed along a short section of Trefusis Road."

It added that the highways workmen had to visit the site twice in June to carry out the works because residents' cars blocked the area to be painted.

It said: "It is not possible to identify the cost for just that stretch of yellow lines because the work was done as part of a much wider package of schemes involving 17 or 18 sites.

"The consultation costs for the whole package for all the sites would have run to several thousand pounds."

Police have confirmed that it is already illegal to park a car blocking a driveway if a vehicle is in it.

Stephen Webber, who lives opposite the house outside which the yellow lines have been painted, said: "It is an awful waste of money."

The West Briton tried unsuccessfully to contact the resident for comment.

The parking restrictions were instigated by a local councillor.

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