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Devon paper claims Cornish pasties were invented in Plymouth

By DaveCDM  |  Posted: June 20, 2014


Comments (9) A shocking claim has been made by a Devon newspaper this morning: Cornish pasties were invented in Plymouth.

The outrageous statement is emblazoned across today's front page of the Plymouth Herald.

The paper reveals that a new book, the Plymouth Book of Wonder, claims: "Possibly the world’s earliest pasty recipe dates back to 1509, recently discovered hidden within one of the Plymouth Borough account books."

The row over the origin of the pasty is as old as the delicacy itself though.

Speaking during a previous row over its roots, Angie Coombs, spokesman for the Cornish Pasty Association, said: "There has been a continual argument regarding the origins of the pasty and who was the first person actually to make it.

"In medieval times they always used pastry as a vessel for serving - they would eat the insides and throw the pastry away.

"I think it was going on as early as the 1100s, and this argument about who was making it which side of the border will go on and on."

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  • Peterisgb  |  June 21 2015, 2:34PM

    Bunch of bloody lies, they aint having our bloody pasty, **** you devon, you already stole our flag and left it in the sun (why its green) now you want this, get screwed you devon ******s.

    |   -1
  • lovepubs  |  June 21 2014, 1:47AM

    Another misleading WB (aka daily mail) headline to stir up the Cornish. The Herald states tha Plymouth invented Pasties and not as your headline states Plymouth invent the Cornish pasty. Pur Daily Mail trash editing.

    |   3
  • Anyone  |  June 20 2014, 7:26PM

    Anything to get Plymouth in the news then?

    |   -3
  • break  |  June 20 2014, 7:12PM

    Cornwall's in Devon then?

  • BustopBob  |  June 20 2014, 3:07PM

    Column filling piffle by a third rate newspaper.

    |   8
  • rickoon  |  June 20 2014, 1:00PM

    "trivia" Let them get away with this and they will be sticking carrots in whatever they like.

    |   -2
  • josdave  |  June 20 2014, 12:04PM

    Have these so-called journalists nothing batter to do than make headlines out of something so trivial?

    |   9
  • Carvath  |  June 20 2014, 11:25AM

    Is that why Ivor Dewdney calls them Cornish Pasties then?

  • rickoon  |  June 20 2014, 10:56AM

    WE got our "minority status" so there, and Cornish pasties have the recognition approval, you can't make pasties outside Cornwall and call them Cornish pasties, and we have got better clotted cream too and know what goes on first the cream or the jam and they are scones not scons.

    |   3