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Debt Management In UK – An Option That None Other Offers

By Mary123  |  Posted: December 18, 2012

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A debt management plan is a systematic way of paying down your debts. This plan is

generally for those people who are not eligible to get a debt

consolidation loan. DMP is offered by credit counseling agencies to

help you repay all your debts, over a period of time. The agency

representative will help you to make a financial plan for you in such

a way that you will have to make a single payment to the agency, and

the agency will distribute the money among your creditors. This will

be done on the basis of a negotiation between you and your creditors.

If you want financial gain, if your goal is to achieve financial

freedom, you can go for a debt management


in the UK, you can have an option with regards to debt management

that no other country may be able to offer you. You can have the

option to opt for an IVA or an individual voluntary arrangement as

this option can help you out of complex debt situations. This option

is available in no other country that can be helpful enough for you

and your finances to at the same time. This program was first

introduced by the UK government more than twenty years ago and has

from then on become one of the well known and popular solutions to

solve personal financial crisis. However, not everyone can find

themselves eligible for the IVA program.


order to be eligible for the same, you as a debtor will have to owe

at the least 15,000 pounds, with regards to a single creditor. Only

if this is your situation, you may be able to get the payment

arrangements as per the IVA. You as the debtor will also be required

to have income at least by a certain level, so that you can go on

making the payments as per the payment category advised through the



great thing about the IVA is that it is legally binding with regards

to both you as the debtor and the creditor or the creditors, with

whom the payment setup was made. In fact, when the payment offers are

made through the IVA, if three quarter of the creditors agrees to it,

the other creditors will have to agree to the same too.


the payment arrangement is set up through the IVA, no creditors can

go on harassing you for the payments. As per the IVA program, you

will be required to make monthly payments but this is supposed to be

based mainly on your means. When the program ends after a few years,

the creditors are required to write off the amount that is left to be

paid. This means that you would no more be harassed by the creditors

even after the completion of the IVA. This helps you not only to put

of the interest amount by quite a large amount but in lowering the

actual debt amount a lot too, in case you owed quite a large amount.

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