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Cornwall's high-flyers named in New Year Honours list

By CG_Steve  |  Posted: December 31, 2013

Bob Bulgin - one of six people from Cornwall named in the New Year Honours list

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CORNWALL’S high-flyers from the world of business have been recognised alongside charity fund-raisers and community volunteers in the New Year Honours list.

A total of six people were named, whose achievements include creating opportunities for the disabled, collecting thousands of pounds for charity and raising a new generation of shipbuilders.

Jill Carr, human resources director at Pendennis Shipyard, Falmouth, said it was a “complete shock” to be awarded an MBE for services to education – an honour which recognises her drive to encourage apprenticeships.

She said: “Whilst I am very honoured to receive it, I have only been doing my job. Apprenticeships are an important way forward for young people these days and are the future for Pendennis.”

Mrs Carr, who praised the work of Cornwall College, said the shipyard took on 12 apprentices every other year and had so far recruited 160 young people on its current scheme. Just under a third of its workforce are apprentices or former apprentices.

“We are very lucky,” she added. “The company is moving forward and there is a lot of development going on, not just structural development in terms of facilities but with people as well.”

Bob Bulgin, the chairman of the RNLI’s Port Isaac fundraising branch, was honoured with a British Empire Medal.

Since becoming chairman of the branch seven years ago, the 76-year-old has helped to raise £180,000 for the charity despite the North Cornwall village only having a resident population of just over 700.

“I have always considered the strength of the RNLI comes through team effort, both on the water and in support. I consider this award an endorsement of this – without my excellent team our results would not have been possible,” he added.

Another recipient of the British Empire Medal was 59-year-old Ken Radford, from St Austell. He was recognised for services to people with learning disabilities for his work with the People and Gardens project at the Eden Project.

The vegetable growing scheme, which has been running since 1997, helps people with learning disabilities and mental health issues to develop work and social skills to enable them to take control over their own lives.

Now a successful community interest company, it has helped more than 150 people. There are currently 45 people taking part aged 16 to 70 who suffer from conditions which include cerebral palsy, depression, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Mr Radford said: “I am amazed but pleased that it gives the project the recognition that everyone on it deserves.

“Many years ago I was suffering from depression and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. I found out what discrimination meant.

The Cornwall honours in full are:



Robin Simon Conibear. Development manager, Poundbury, Duchy of Cornwall.


Mrs Gemma Catherine Teresa Kaza. Inventory Controller, Household of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.


Miss Shona Kay Williams. Assistant Dresser to The Duchess of Cornwall.


Mrs Jillian Gwendoline Carr. Human Resources director, Pendennis Shipyard, Falmouth. For services to Education. (Falmouth)


Robert Bulgin. Chairman, Port Isaac Fundraising Branch, Royal National Lifeboat Institution. For charitable services. (Port Isaac)

Kenneth George Radford. For services to People with Learning Disabilities through People and Gardens at the Eden Project in St. Austell, Cornwall. (St. Austell)

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  • dee_2  |  December 31 2013, 2:15PM

    It seems jasper and zac must both be in the same class. I knew someone once who sold his laptop for *850/ but *13495 for a few hours work is incredible. I want this job asap. Then maybe I can buy myself onto the honours list. I'm sure jasper and zac should be honoured for their attempts to help people share in this *fortune.

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  • twofeetofsnow  |  December 31 2013, 11:32AM

    Six people from Cornwall? Surely that is three from Cornwall and three with the word Cornwall in their job titles. Poundbury is in Dorset, Prince Charles lives in Gloucestershire, his only link to Cornwall is the money he takes from it. Well done to the others though but a little more accuracy from the Cornishman.

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  • Cottage Farm Organics  |  December 31 2013, 10:51AM

    Three of the six people named work for Charles Windsor, one a clerk, another a servant. What a coincidence! Good old fashioned **** licking patronage in action Here are much more deserving people: Cornwall Sustainability Awards - they actually did something innovative and useful.

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  • D-Head  |  December 31 2013, 10:45AM

    Half right josdave, but be fair. Would you deny an honour to the 'Assistant Dresser to the Duchesse of Cornwall'??

    |   8
  • josdave  |  December 31 2013, 8:16AM

    It's about time this outdated process of giving "honours" to people for just doing their job was stopped. It means nothing to anybody. Who cares whether Any Murray was knighted? Certainly not me or the majority of the population. Scrap it.

    |   10