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The Cornwall UFO Triangle - county has most sightings in UK

By WBMiles  |  Posted: January 31, 2014

The Cornwall UFO Triangle - image from the Cornwall UFO Research Group.

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The truth is out there – and it’s apparently in Cornwall.

Researchers into the paranormal claim a Cornwall UFO Triangle exists in the county.

The triangle shows the area that has the most reported UFO and paranormal activity, according to the Cornwall UFO Research Group.

The triangle of apparent alien activity runs from Land's End to Falmouth bay to St Ives Bay.

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Cornwall has the highest number of sightings of UFOs in the country according to the latest research.

Lionel Fanthorpe from the Cornwall UFO Research Group said: “It’s extremely difficult – nearly impossible – to obtain rigorously balanced, objective data for paranormal and anomalous events.”

Mr Fanthorpe said calculations were based on first-hand experiences, on-site investigations, case studies and discussions with other researchers.

He said: “When the many different types of reported psychic, paranormal and anomalous phenomena are brought together and given the same statistical weighting, three localities seem to stand out: Cornwall, Norfolk and an area bounded by Harrogate, Leeds and York.”

The figures show more than 60 reported sightings of UFOs in Cornwall compared to a national average of 40 sightings for comparable areas.

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  • mrcrashhappy  |  February 01 2014, 4:12AM

    "Some men chase myths because they are fools. Others lead fools for their own profit." Seo Myung Soo

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  • John_Allman  |  February 01 2014, 2:15AM

    This article publicises an assertion, easily traced back to one Lionel Fanthorpe, that there exists a triangle of the earth's surface with the exciting property that the number of UFO sightings per unit time and area, jumps upwards abruptly as one crosses the boundary of that triangle, into its interior. It is not clear whether the sightings incidence figure is adjusted for population density, but it should be. One would expect fewer sightings per year per square mile in a sparsely populated area where a UFO could easily fly over unnoticed, than in a densely populated area, where hundreds of people on the streets at the same time would be apt to witness the same UFO event. Part of the triangle drawn in red onto an aerial view of part of Cornwall, appears not to be in Cornwall at all, but rather out at sea, where the average population density is minuscule, comprising only the average crew and passengers of ships and boats passing through. I doubt that the number of UFO sightings at sea anywhere in the world is sufficient for statistically significant inferences to be made as to the precise position of southern boundary of the alleged area with many UFO sightings, or that this boundary is the straight line segment depicted, making as it does the third side of the so-called "triangle". I visited Lionel Fanthorpe's somewhat gaudy website, hoping to find a link to the raw UFO sightings data that had supposedly enabled Mr Fanthorpe to discover this "triangle". In vain. No data published, alas. (But there was an advert for a book.) I cannot help being sceptical as to whether the "triangle" inside which the incidence of UFO sightings is anomalously high, really is quite as triangular as people are making out. I'd like to see the data.

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  • candymanyyyy  |  January 31 2014, 7:29PM

    Strange that that triangle covers a lot of RNAS Culdrose's operating area, as well as being directly underneath an aerial refuelling flight path AS WELL as numerous airliner routes day and night... And for Norfolk being a "hotspot", is it not a coincidence that aircraft from RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall and RAF Marham, which include refuelling aircraft and fighter jets, use Norfolk airspace for training!?

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  • dee_2  |  January 31 2014, 5:09PM

    I think you have it #Break. Where they see no lights they think "Ah, time to get a couple of hundred houses down there." It's probably easier to do it at night when the few remaining open spaces show up better by being dark.

    |   4
  • break  |  January 31 2014, 3:20PM

    They could be a number of objects,most likely to be private aircraft flown by property developers and electric companies looking for more area's to ruin.Or maybe its just aliens looking for accomodation in Cornwall,no reason why aliens couldn't have second homes too.

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  • D-Head  |  January 31 2014, 2:02PM

    Okay DipStick you've got my support. But bear in mind you'll have to be living at least three hundred miles from Cornwall in order to be considered for the job.

    |   3
  • DipStick  |  January 31 2014, 1:51PM

    @D-Head: I put my name forward for the job! I can start Monday. But it's funny how the area is described as a "triangle", almost as though they're trying to associate the area with somewhere else .... hmmmm... where could that be?? DS

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  • D-Head  |  January 31 2014, 12:46PM

    It's time Cornwall Council had a UFO Sightings Officer given the number of sightings in the county. A salary of around £150,000 should do the trick. And I'm sure an enterprising starship oops, cabinet member could put the suggestion forward. With Cornwall's huge population increase on the cards (thank you Libdems and Labour) sightings are bound to increase further.

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  • CornishZombie  |  January 31 2014, 12:10PM


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  • manicstreet  |  January 31 2014, 11:58AM

    If the aliens were looking for intelligent life in county hall they would be sorely disappointed.

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