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Cornwall Councillor Terry Wilkins: 'Open University degree claim was play' after fake MBE fracas

By wbchris  |  Posted: April 26, 2014

  • Mr Wilkins at the opening of new playing facilities.

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Red-faced Cornwall Councillor Terry Wilkins has come clean by admitting that he does not have an Open University degree saying he was “playing a game” with another person.

The admission comes just two days after Conservative Party member Mr Wilkins conceded that he never been appointed a Member of the British Empire and claimed he was instead the victim of a hoax.

When asked about his profile on the LinkedIn professional profile website where it says he had an Open University degree 2:1 (pending) in Health and Wellness, Mr Wilkins acknowledged that this too was false.

He said: “I had been playing a game against another person.

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“This person is jealous and I want to embarrass him.

“I am completely innocent.”

Despite the allegations Mr Wilkins says that he has the support of colleagues from all political parties.

“It’s been a bit traumatic for me but, as I am innocent of any wrong doing, I have continued to carry out my duties as Cornwall Councillor.

“I have been inundated with emails and phone calls of support from all areas of the Council Chamber.

“It is nice to have friends and colleagues from all political parties having their say.”

Mebyon Kernow spokesman and fellow Illogan Parish Councillor Stephen Richardson has sent Mr Wilkins a letter calling for his resignation.

He said: “I believe that it is time that you resigned from your position as Cornwall Councillor and Illogan Parish Councillor.

“You have falsely claimed to have been awarded an MBE and this false claim was used during your election campaign.

“You say that you have never used your false MBE for personal gain, however you were elected as Terry Wilkins MBE and you now hold a public office along with an allowance paid for by council tax payers.

“Your explanation of how you came to make a false claim about being awarded an MBE makes you appear as a victim, I would say that the real victims are the people of Illogan who have trusted in your integrity.

“It has also become clear that you have demonstrated a clear lack of integrity as a member of both Cornwall Council and Illogan Parish Council.”

Cornwall Council Conservative Party leader Fiona Ferguson said: “I entirely appreciate the public concern that there is about this matter.

“The facts surrounding this matter are being investigated and this is all I can say for the time being.”

Mr Wilkins has since removed all mentions of an MBE and Open University degree from his online profiles.

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  • tesstess  |  April 26 2014, 4:59PM

    liar, liar pants on fire, springs to mind!

    |   4
  • wringer  |  April 26 2014, 10:35AM

    This man is a liar. in any other job where you lie on your application or CV you could be sacked. but because he is a councillor he is somehow exempt from this. it isn't about expecting higher standards from our public officials. its about them having some standards of decency. he has been caught out and makes another lie up. The public need to be given the power of recall so he has to be recalled, stand again and get booted out. Councillors don't do it for nothing any more as a civic duty. it is a paid job like any other. get rid of him. he taints the good name of the few who are decent.

    |   9
  • KernowCarl  |  April 25 2014, 10:40PM

    He was 'too embarrassed' to collect his 'MBE' from Buck Palace, yet he proceeded to use it at every available opportunity. It hardly has the ring of truth to it, does it? It seems his use of the fake MBE and non-existent university degree are the fault of someone else (wife, practical joking Special Constable, mystery jealous rival) . Had he simply admitted he was trying to big himself up and apologized, he might have come out of this with a grain of credibility. As it is, he should do the decent thing and go.

    |   9
  • martian1956  |  April 25 2014, 9:32PM

    Anyone who makes false declarations to get a or or complete a legal document would be sacked or prosecuted!! Why hasn't this happened, He got the job and probably swore an oath? Fraudster,Trickster, Conman etc etc

    |   11
  • Restart  |  April 25 2014, 12:42PM

    I believe the game he was playing is called "Lie to the public so I can get a cushy job as a Councillor and make loads of money".

    |   18
  • Anyone  |  April 25 2014, 11:26AM

    This man is a public disgrace, with delusions of grandeur, MBE and OU degree 2:1, both of which do not exist. Surely he needs to be referred to the Public Standards Committee. Those who attain an OU degree, work bloody hard to get it, along with other universities, but to openly lie about obtaining one is despicable. Lying about both the MBE and OU degree has know been compounded by his weak excuses for saying why he lied about them, which are probably lies as well, he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself, and should also resign, but he won't as he is totally devoid of any integrity, and thinks he has done nothing wrong. Hopefully next time around the electorate will remember and do the right thing by him and vote for someone else.

    |   26
  • bigKernow  |  April 25 2014, 11:19AM

    @rickoon, this has nothing to do with Cornish being recognised as a national minority. I don't even know if Terry Wilkins is even Cornish, not that this has any relation to his corruption.

    |   2
  • BobToronto  |  April 25 2014, 11:15AM

    The bigger issue is the UK's taking archaic titles and awards seriously. Lords, Earls, what British Empire?

    |   1
  • rickoon  |  April 25 2014, 10:45AM

    It is a good job the Cornish are a "minority" LoL you couldn't make it up.

    |   3
  • TheGeofflane  |  April 25 2014, 10:35AM

    If the MBE appeared or was used in any election literature then that is a fraud on the public. He reminds me of those inadequates who wear unearned medals on military parades. Time to resign. No question.

    |   24