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Cornwall Council pockets £300,000 through pay and display overpayments

By DaveCDM  |  Posted: March 10, 2014

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Cornwall Council is raking in an extra #300,000 a year from motorists because its pay and display machines won't give change.

The authority made £11.6m in parking fees last year of which an estimated £307,293 was due to an "over-vend".

It made a further £340,000 from overpaying motorists the year before, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The council claims that stocking its 250 pay and display machines with extra coins would be too costly.

A spokesman said: "If these machines gave change there would have to be a mechanism to ensure they were continually stocked with sufficient change and to address the situation if they were not.

"The logistical problems of doing this would be great and would result in a high cost."

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  • DipStick  |  March 11 2014, 4:14PM

    @fosty148: yep, the "logistics" aren't that hard to sort out in a "fair" way for us, the paying public. What I object to, as it'd just theft no matter how many notices they have on the machine, is not getting my "money's worth". Either give me change or give me the extra time for the amount of money I've had to put in. It really is NOT rocket science to do the latter. The fact that they don't is purely down to the councils greed. DS

  • fosty148  |  March 11 2014, 1:53PM

    Why not just charge a nice round figure for a set period of time and then just reduce the time instead of increasing charges? The net result remains the same. That way people won't have to put in a £2.00 coin for a £1.80 car park charge. As the meerkat says "simplz".

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  • ImSparticus  |  March 10 2014, 8:17PM

    I'd like to say well done and a big thank you to Cornwall Council for donating all that cash to the food banks throughout Cornwall. Well done Cornwall Council your charitable side has been found. Would you please, give this the thumbs up for the needy people of Cornwall and let the Cornwall Council Corperation know how to do the right thing. Thank you one and all.

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  • robzrob  |  March 10 2014, 7:52PM

    Get motorbikes, people. Two wheels = good. :)

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  • DipStick  |  March 10 2014, 4:32PM

    " ... "The logistical problems of doing this would be great and would result in a high cost." ... " so instead we're going to trouser the difference to spend on the Xmas party! The arrogance of the council with things such as this. And then they wonder why they get sworn at/not respected/ignored by the general public. DS

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