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City being suffocated by too many new housing estates

By West Briton  |  Posted: May 15, 2014

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I AM writing to express my alarm, foreboding and frustration at the way in which Truro is being suffocated, used and destroyed by the existing and planned development in and around the city.

There are too many estates being granted permission — who for and why four, five and six-bedroomed houses — houses before jobs. Where is work for all these house buyers? And the money to buy the houses? Will the usual thing happen, ie holiday homes and retirees. The schools and hospital are overwhelmed now and more building, roads and sewage disposal will make the current problems worse.

The centre of Truro is at sea level hence (the fear of) flooding from sewage and surface water, with no plan from South West Water, despite letters asking for information which receives an acknowledgement but nothing more. The hospital discharges sewage into the system during the night.

The 720 houses being started for the Langarth development have permission to do so before any traffic relief is built. There are private arrangements being proposed for sewage and surface water.

There are acres of farmland being used for housing, supermarkets, turbines and solar panels.

What about the production of food? Cornwall produces so much of the food we need, but instead we have lorries thundering down the A30 by night, delivering to the increasing number of supermarkets. The customers do not know what they are eating and nor do the supermarkets who in many cases cannot follow their line of supply, all in the pursuit of cheap food.

Horsemeat scandal is an example of this.

The Waitrose development is to include a Cornish Food Hall. How was that to work for the customer? Competitive pricing ... how? And what about the 'urban sprawl' and 'we must support our local farmers', matters that concern The Duke of Cornwall.

People come to Cornwall for the coastline and the countryside. What will people come for in the future? Countryside built over and traffic jams of which we have enough now.

The population is suffering and we are all fed up with this inexorable tide. We deserve better.

This is an example of what is happening over the whole country and it is a disgrace that the Government is encouraging this to happen. I care about this and so do many others. We are a democracy and must be heard.

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  • DipStick  |  May 15 2014, 7:42PM

    @truro_england: you claim to have lived in Truro all your life? You have clearly missed out on all the development that's happened i terms of supermarkets and the like plus loads of houses but yet the complete lack of development in terms of infrastructure such as roads, updating the sewage systems (not just replacing pipes!), new schools etc etc. These latter things have to be done FIRST or guess what will happen/what has been happening? DS

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  • Truro_England  |  May 15 2014, 7:48AM

    Get a grip you left wing yoghurt knitter! It's 2014 and Truro is a city finally 'slowly' moving forward, I've lived in Truro all my life and welcome all development. And as for you thinking all countryside would be built over, have you ever flown over Cornwall and the rest of England? I have lots of time, plenty of space.

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