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Camborne's Blue River, an oasis of rock influences

By West Briton  |  Posted: March 06, 2014

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Blue River EP

Review by Richard Searby-Bates

FROM the name Blue River you wouldn't be blamed for scanning over the title, mistaking the band for a "bar blues" or "weekend lawyer blues rock" act ... but this would be a mistake.

They are young, cool as you like, and have done their homework. If a band is a collective sum total of their inspirations, then Blue River walk the walk. Instantly you know they would be selling records by the thousands if they had hit stores circa 1997.

But this doesn't mean they are outdated. The Camborne band are writing classic rock anthems with a very British twang and are proud of it.

They "definitely" score points for believing in one sound, "maybe" losing one or two little points for clutching on to one influence very tightly – I'll leave you to figure out the sound from my witty wordplay.

One thing I have to say is that even in MP3 format this recording has "tone" – the production and mix are both really nice; I like the guitar sound and the drums are great.

From seeing this band a few years back with a very young inexperienced line-up, they have most certainly got their act together. This sounds like a proper marketable recording. I like the lead vocal because, having spoken to the singer, I can hear that it's his voice. I'm all for experimental vocal delivery but there really is no place for it in this kind of genre. Perran sings unmistakably from the musical influences he loves, but with his own voice.

X Marks The Spot is a well-produced four-song EP with catchy British songwriting.

The standout song is the title track, opening with a couple of U2-like chord changes and quickly ascending into a well-crafted indie / Brit-rock anthem with a great drum rhythm.

It's left me wanting to catch them live and curious to see where they will head once they've done a heap more touring, allowing their dirty rock wings to spread.

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