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By West Briton  |  Posted: April 03, 2014

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John Pollard, leader of Cornwall Council:

"THE timetable and ground rules were set in Westminster while in Cornwall jobs, roles, functions and different experience were under scrutiny and threat.

"It meant that Cornwall Council's next phase of development was marked by negativity and obstruction – a difficult weaning.

"Despite this, the first administration achieved the impossible – Cornwall Council was a functioning entity, systems were forged together.

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"The public still had their services and a mix of councillors came together to serve the new authority and whether from the county, district or with no previous experience, there was much learning to be done.

"I have never made a secret of my passion for the unitary authority.

"It makes so much sense that we have one geography, one clear boundary, one culture and one heritage.

"Cornwall is a distinct entity so why not one council?

"It is large, it has to represent a broad range of interests and it's vital we give truly local authority to our community, but there are huge advantages of scale and a feeling of being one council, representing one and all.

"We have got over our initial problems and conflicts and should be in a position to look forward.

"I hope the Cornish public will give us the chance to flourish and grow and work with us to create the Cornwall we would all like to live in."

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