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Ban on mankinis and fake penises 'is good for Newquay'

By This is Cornwall  |  Posted: September 28, 2012


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Police in Cornwall say a decision to ban mankinis and other “inappropriate clothing” from their town has helped significantly reduce anti-social behaviour and recorded crime.

Officers in Newquay say the resort is shedding its reputation as a haven for drunken revellers and stag parties as a result of the zero-tolerance approach to risque fancy dress.

Some visitors to Newquay, including children as young as 15, have been sent home as a result of anti-social behaviour, while older fun-seekers have had skimpy costumes seized by police – including mankinis, a thong-like male bathing costume popularised by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s spoof documentary character Borat.

In an interview marking the end of a successful summer season, Devon and Cornwall Police Superintendent Julie Whitmarsh said the town had come a long way in the last three years, thanks to concerted efforts to help clean up the town’s reputation.

“We have had this consistency of seizing inappropriate items of clothing, sending people home to get changed, and that has worked, it has made a real difference, this ’no-nonsense attitude’,” said the 47-year-old.

“Mankini is what we term ’offensive clothing’, so we won’t accept people wearing them. They are just hideous.

“Is it just me, but if you were living in Bath for example, or Bournemouth, is that something you would wear to walk into town on a Saturday afternoon? No.

“They are just revolting, there is nothing pleasant about seeing anybody in a mankini. We have had a real crackdown on the fake penises. And people are getting that message. You look at the images you see of Newquay now, 2009 is three years ago and we are in a very different place.”

The tough stance has been part of the award-winning Newquay Safe campaign, which was launched in the summer of 2009 following the deaths of two teenagers who died following separate, drink-fuelled nights out in the town.

Residents – many of whom were angry at Newquay’s apparent descent from a family-friendly holiday destination in the 1970s to its image as a modern-day Mecca for drinkers – marched on the council buildings in an impassioned plea to “take our town back” from the clutches of anti-social tourists.

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  • Elizabeth2010  |  October 02 2012, 4:03PM

    And are the retailers in Newquay who sell the products such as those in the article going to support this initiative or are they going to continue to sell the products knowing full well that five minutes later their customers will have their items confiscated? Unless there is a will from all those who continue to profit from this type of tourism then it will be a long time before a real change is seen in Newquay.

  • Fistral20  |  October 02 2012, 8:04AM

    Ah you're such a wit THWOGGLE (do you use capitals because you have an inferiority complex and want people to notice you?). As I said in an earlier post your lack of knowledge of Newquay is embarassing, while you've been strutting around the course in your Pringle sweater you've obviously failed to notice that shell suits disappeared in Newquay around 15 years ago. If you really want to avoid the "proles" as you call them (nice to see snobbery is still rife among the golfing classes), can I suggest you visit Kahuna, Bodhi's, Lewinnick Lodge, Lusty Glaze and countless other premises where I'm sure you'd receive a warm welcome and excellent food and drink. Or is it just easier for you to join the usual suspects who always knock Newquay but never bother to go there?

    |   1
  • THWOGGLE  |  October 01 2012, 4:06PM

    Top of the day to you Fistral20. Of course one visits Newquay (occasionally). It is entirely possible to have an acceptable game of golf there but one must move on for post game refreshments etcetera to somewhere more amenable to those of taste. Interfacing with the sweaty, shell-suited proles can quite take the shine off one's day.

    |   1
  • Fistral20  |  October 01 2012, 3:38PM

    Lovely stereotypical comment THWOGGLE!!! When was the last time you were in Newquay, either in the day or night time? Referring to it as the "Chav capital" shows an embarassing lack of knowledge about what's going on there, which is typical of many of the comments posted on here about Newquay.

    |   4
  • THWOGGLE  |  September 29 2012, 6:19PM

    Newquay is the chav capital of UK. Only those with an extreme lack of taste would want to go there! NQ's management have allowed it to become the epitome of all that is wrong with the British tourist industry.

    |   5
  • expect_us  |  September 28 2012, 10:58PM

    So we're allowed to use the p word on this site as long as no one reports the comment? And if they do, do you remove the comment and the story too? Please enlighten us Daily Wail, because if we reproduce what you print in the Wail, it sometimes gets removed? I'm puzzled. So you only defend 'free speech' if you print it? Do you spell hypocrites with a capital H?

    |   5
  • nickhilton  |  September 28 2012, 6:41PM

    Ok........Mankinis.......... I think they're good for a laugh but should not be permitted in certain enviroments, like family areas such as beaches etc. However, in a night club, you sort of expect to see people making idiots of themselves and it gives everyone a laugh. So for me, it's a no-no in the general public areas but ok in a night club where some people go in costumes anyway.

    |   -8
  • Truro_England  |  September 28 2012, 5:46PM

    Yes that's more like Cornwall!! only the over 60's aloud on day trips, cups of tea only and you have to wear a thick winters coat. Welcome to Cornwall 1912...

  • shagrats  |  September 28 2012, 1:59PM

    Personaly I blame the lap dancing clubs for everything even the weather, however this is a good start but next the police should start to clean up the beaches as well. Only last week when we had a bit of sun there were 100's of semi naked people reveling in the sun like some sort of sick twisted sun worship orgy. I was very nearly sick in my bible. Its good news that they have banned the Mankini but now they need to get to work on those sin-fests they call the beaches and the filth-kini that we see everywhere. Bring back bathing carts and full body suits. Its the only way Newquay can regain its victorian image of a family resort again.

    |   16
  • John_Allman  |  September 28 2012, 12:51PM

    Of course, mankinis do help to prevent crime too. They present a formidable problem to pick-pockets. I am surprised that the local residents haven't objected to the sight of all these revellers on their way home in order to get changed, having been sent home by police, who have "seized" their skimpy clothing, presumably leaving them to walk home stark naked. Oh, but what a magnificent extended quote from Fashion Police spokeswoman Julie Whitmarsh!

    |   15