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BLOG: Scales are BAD

By luke_collins  |  Posted: April 11, 2013

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Good morning everyone, 

I know it's been a little while since my last post, but I am back on it and here to help you reach your fitness goals! 

Before I start with my advice this week, I need to unfortunately need to confirm that the competition I was running has had to be put back (for now) due to a change in venue. Detail will follow in future blogs

As you can see I have named this blog "scales are BAD" I am sure you are wondering what this is all about.

There are so many myths about weight gain and loss and the best way to measure it. As you all know my stance is very simple, regular exercise and a balanced nutritional diet is key to your health and fitness goals, no matter what they are.

I always ask clients how many times they weigh themselves. I generally get the same response "daily"

You may be thinking "whats wrong with that?" but in the early stages our bodies go through so many changes weighing alone can be the worst thing you can do! (I know Weight Watchers and other Companies like them will hate me) 

I will assume that all of us will be eating healthily and exercising regularly (ACSM Guidelines suggest 2.5hrs "cardio" per week)

With this assumption, our bodies will be changing on a molecular and chemical level (muscular and hormonal changes) with anything it may take time to see the benefits, and using scales at this point will only demoralise you. Why? Because your weight can remain stagnant if not increase for a short period (8-12 weeks) This alone puts people off regular exercise. Please don't despair! If you undergo this route (regular exercise and nutritional balanced diet) you will make HUGE steps towards a lifetime of a healthier happier you (you will also live longer, so get to be happier longer! Bonus!)

I have mentioned that scales (if used) should be used with other methods of monitoring our bodies. What are these? I suggest:

1) Measure your upper arms, hips, waist and thighs - this will show you where you are losing inches, even if the scales say you have not lost anything.
2) Measure your body fat percentage (by a health professional) if we can see a shift here (downwards) then we are all smiles!
3) Measure your resting heart rate - a reduction in this will indicate that your heart is becoming healthier and stronger!
4) Measure you blood pressure - keeping this in the normal ranges (120/80mml) again can indicate that you are becoming healthier.

IF you want to use scales please do - but never more than once a week, first thing in the morning and with an empty bladder/bowels - this will give you a "true" indication of your weight (sorry Weigh****cherrs weighing later in the day is a poor indicator)

We have all heard the saying muscle weighs more than fat, I have also read that some companies deny this - they are correct to do so. A pound of fat weights the same as a pound of muscle. BUT the difference is size! A pound of fat will be almost DOUBLE the size of a pound of muscle. Please look at the photo I have attached. 

I can hear a lot of people now thinking that this is all good in practise, but how can you get all of these checks done and how practical is this time wise?

There are not may gyms in the area that offer these services, but there will be one now! I eluded in other posts about a new gym in Redruth, it's called the Red Gym! I will personally offer ALL of the 4 points that I mentioned above, I will offer them FREE as part of your induction which will also be FREE.

The gym opens on the 15th of April (for a weeks worth of FREE training) at 4.30pm - please follow this LINK to the place page to be kept up to date with what's happening.

The Red Gym will offer:

1) Spacious CV room with concept 2 rowing machines, stepping machines, exercise bikes and cross trainers. Also fixed resistance machines.
2) Large free weight/ heavy weights room with Bench press, 45 degree leg press, squat rack and smith machine.
3) Huge class studio where we will offer classes like Zumba, Bokwa, circuits, core and boxercise classes.
4) Cross Training classes (CrossFit) will also be available!

I hope you have found this blog informative and helpful. 

Thanks Luke.


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    I can't see the line reading "Advertising Feature". Was it left off by mistake?

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