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Arguments against

By West Briton  |  Posted: January 16, 2014

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Tracey Platt "I don't think this part of Cornwall needs another cinema. Nobody can afford to go out in the evenings. "What Cornwall really needs is work; proper jobs and a decent wage."

Gemma Clark "Think it would be pointless putting one in Pool when the Regal in Redruth has been done up to such a good standard. "If Penzance and St Ives cinemas are so bad put the new one there. Don't close down a long-established business, which has clearly ploughed a lot of money into it recently, just to line the pockets of some massive company. "Attitudes like these ruin your towns."

Debbie Capper "A new complex may seem like a great idea and even more choice for the customer, but, if the Regal can no longer survive because of it, it will affect the town as whole, and Redruth town is already suffering to survive in many ways, so I think the owner has good reason to be very concerned and if I were him, I would try to fight to protect my cinema too."

Gina Richards "Redruth cinema is lovely now it has had money spent on it. "I am looking forward to the Asda though."

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  • Catyfl  |  January 16 2014, 11:30AM

    We have a lovely cinema in Redruth now, who decides we need another one? As to the rest of the idea, well ice rink would be good but do we REALLY need another supermarket folks? All it does is fragment market share, there is only a certain amount of money in the pot after all. As for any kind of eatery? Well!!!! Leave our cinema alone, don't try to extinguish enterprise puh lease!

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