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More than £500 million of EU money for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

By WBMiles  |  Posted: June 27, 2013

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will get more than £500 million from EU funding.

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Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will receive more than £500 million of European funding over the next seven years, it has been confirmed this afternoon.

Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, told parliament how the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) would be allocated throughout the UK.

Mr Cable said the European money would be distributed through Local Enterprise Partnerships which were set up by the Government in 2010.

The funding for €592.9 million (£512.85m) will be made available for the period 2014 to 2020.

News of further European investment in Cornwall was welcomed by politicians in the county.

Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth, said on Twitter: “Welcome news on EU funds for Cornwall- must be used to create high quality local jobs through sustainable growth.”

Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council cabinet member for the environment, said: “Brilliant news on EU funds for Cornwall to create high quality local jobs.”

News of the EU funding was rolled out today as part of a package of positive announcements from the Government following yesterday’s spending review.

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  • Doitdreckley  |  July 22 2013, 8:25PM

    Its about the same as Osborne's cuts men in terms of a loss of money for Cornwall.

  • MarkStJohn  |  July 05 2013, 7:12PM

    £500 million. That's a lot of money. By the time it has trickled down through the quangos, consultants, trusts and boards holding seminars, meetings and going on fact finding tours, all that will happen is a big glossy brochure will be printed and stuck through your letterboxes

  • DipStick  |  June 28 2013, 7:59PM

    @ NormaStitz: more BS from our politicians as usual then!?? *** is 'sustainable growth'? DS

  • Gurnards_Head  |  June 28 2013, 1:09PM

    I could weep when I see what an infrastructure boost Brittany and Spain got from EU Objective One Funding... when Cornwall got so little... compare the Autovia Del Norte along Spain's North Coast which is driven through mountains with such apparent ease with Cornwalls lengthy inability during the same period to fix a 3 mile uninhabited relatively level stretch of the A30 across Bodmin Moor. The Mayor of Saint Quay Portrieux in Brittany summed it up very succinctly when quizzed by the media about a huge marina built with EU funding when he stated "we may be broke but we have the asset which will eventually come good"... the same applies throughout Europe because they have the infrastructure ready for the inevitable eventual upturn and we in the UK don't. Having seen the back of the detested SWERDA gravy train that pretended to administer Objective One Funding we were promised better in the form of the Local Enterpise Partnership but there presently seems to be more waffle than results from that quarter as well... in the words of Nigel Farrage addressing EU President Herbert Van Rompuy... "who on earth are you?"... "what do you stand for?".. I suggest the same applies to Cornwall LEP... How about some real action that actually benefits CORNISH BUSINESSES instead of speculative housebuilders... consultants... and the almost inevitable bureaucratic clingons.

    |   3
  • youngcornwall  |  June 28 2013, 8:53AM

    "All that Cornwall gets is more houses." And not forgetting those with the initiative to rebuild and renovate old rundown and derelict barns and buildings, which otherwise would be left as eyesores in the communities.

    |   -3
  • NormaStitz  |  June 28 2013, 7:46AM

    "Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth, said on Twitter: "Welcome news on EU funds for Cornwall- must be used to create high quality local jobs through sustainable growth."" In a separate statement Mrs Newton also expressed her support for motherhood and apple pie and - oh - 'gay' marriage.

  • break  |  June 27 2013, 11:00PM

    All that Cornwall gets is more houses.

    |   4
  • youngcornwall  |  June 27 2013, 4:54PM

    " They (the EU ) don't give us anything they just take more and more." The thing is though, Cornwall probably takes more than what they give, being the poor relations of the country and all that, so best not look a gift horse in the mouth.

    |   7
  • josdave  |  June 27 2013, 2:40PM

    Sounds good until you realise that it cost the UK taxpayers at least double that amount and probably more. They (the EU ) don't give us anything they just take more and more.