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100% Cotton

By West Briton  |  Posted: April 24, 2014

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ANOTHER busy season has begun, and right after Easter, Trevithick Day rumbles round the corner.

Mr Trevithick's engines trundle close to my house early in the morning, reminding me of the working steamrollers of my childhood. I love the shiny monsters and join the slow parade of followers towards the town centre.

Last year, because it was raining, I broke tradition and took my car and dog to the community centre, where my artwork was on display. I should have known it would be one of those days as soon as I opened my front door. A large, female black labrador, who was obviously terrified of steam engines, had broken free from a neighbour's yard. I didn't know this until her front two wet feet were on my shoulders propelling me back into the house.

A while later after finding her owner and changing my clothes, I managed to get my car out of the small road, which would soon be filled with strangers' vehicles.

At the Camborne Community Centre, on Trevithick Day, the Camborne Arts Association hosts an annual exhibition.

Last year I was privileged to not only exhibit there, but also raise funds for Parkinson's UK at the same time. My little dog and I stayed out all day, knowing it would not be easy to get home. At 5pm, tired and hungry, although exhilarated from fundraising, we started the circuitous route around the town.

Heading back finally in to our tiny backstreet I was greeted by two neighbours and warned not to go in the house. From the day's high, I was now deflated again as I found someone had broken in to my home. The police were called although nothing appeared to have been taken. The thought of someone being in my house was enough to make me have sleepless nights till the locks were replaced.

Finally after everyone had gone, and I had barricaded myself in with my ironing board and a chair leaning against the front door, I remembered I hadn't eaten.

I opened the food cupboard door and "deleted expletive" it was full of ants! The final straw! I sprayed them and everything in the cupboard with the nearest thing ... hairspray. Don't ask. It worked until I had to clean it out the next day.

Happy and safe Trevithick Day everyone!

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